How to Know God (DVD) - Deepak Chopra
“The whole universe is a quantum mirage winking in and out of existence millions of times per second. We are being created over and over again. Genesis didn’t happen just once—it happens now.” – From the DVD

What is “reality”? Who are we? What is our purpose here on Earth? Does God exist? If so, how do we interact with this Being?

Based on the book of the same know, How to Know God by Deepak Chopra finds this philosopher and physician playfully contemplating the intricate workings of the Universe and our role in it—as well as the nature of spirituality. Mining myths that crop up all around us—including the hotels of Las Vegas!—Chopra reminds us that gods, goddesses, and heroes teach a vital, central lesson: we are wondrous creatures who should be doing wondrous things.

Engaging and accessible, How to Know God takes viewers on a wild ride spanning the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to a virtual golf course—all the way to Fermi Accelerator Lab and onto black holes and the Event Horizon. Chopra discusses the nature of time, the enormous “emptiness” at the atomic level, the importance of the “mind” when decoding chemical and electrical patterns (what we deem “reality”), and the mirage of time and movement.

Chopra also discusses psychological and spiritual ideas such as synchronicity (a term coined by Jung indicating “meaningful coincidences”), clairvoyance, miracles, and godhood. Here are a few gems from the How to Know God DVD:

• “Infinite intelligence can’t be crippled by such a tiny thing as disbelief. Both the secular and sacred are one.”
• “A god is myself in disguise.”
• “Time is just a cosmic convenience to keep everything from happening at once.”
• “How can we not see Intelligence behind such precision as the Big Bang?”
• “Eventually, you can only know what God is thinking by becoming God yourself.”
• “Chaos is only an illusion. It’s what you see when you can’t see far enough.”
• “God is our highest instinct to know ourselves.”

With a run-time of little over an hour, How to Know God is a surprisingly fun presentation. Instead of lecturing from a static studio or stage (what I expected), Chopra traipses around the globe amidst some truly beautiful surroundings with the addition of some quality visual effects. He doesn’t seem to take himself all that seriously, using clever anecdotes and amusing visuals while providing the Cliff Notes version of quantum physics.

If you’re not that familiar with quantum physics and the role it may play in spirituality, reality and psychic phenomena, How to Know God is a fine general introduction to whet your appetite. Chopra takes a potentially boring, mind-boggling subject and makes it understandable, entertaining, and relevant for seekers and skeptics alike.

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