Hypnosis for Anxiety Relief - Victoria Wizell
According to the National Mental Health Association, anxiety-related disorders cost the United States $42 billion a year in work-related and medical losses (NIMH, 1999). About 11 percent of adults over age 55 have an anxiety disorder (USSG, 1999), and about 13 percent of children between 9 and 17 years old have an anxiety disorder (USSG, 1999). Stress is a precursor to anxiety, and studies have shown that workplace stress causes about 1 million U.S. employees to miss work each day. (AIS, 2003)

Fortunately, there is a safe, drug-free and effective method for neutralizing or even eradicating panic attacks and anxiety: hypnosis. Certified Master Hypnotherapist Victorial Wizell of Hypnotherapy Nevada and HypTalk.com has created Hypnosis For Anxiety Relief, a 7 session program on 2 CD's. The first CD covers the nature of a panic attack, and tools and techniques to eliminate them. According to Ms. Wizell, there are three main fears that goes through a person's mind when they have a panic attack:

1. Fear of dying of a heart attack
2. Fear of dying from suffocation
3. Fear of dying from a stroke

Wizell explains what happens physiologically and biologically during a panic attack--and how, for example, it's impossible to suffocate during a panic attack because the body is actually hyper-oxygenated. In fact, she says that with deep breathing, it's impossible to have a panic attack. Wizell also discusses the flight or fight response, and how stress makes us vulnerable to a anxiety. As well, she explains the "relaxation response"--a response we can learn in order to re-train the body to feel peace and well-being.

Seven different exercises and techniques are covered in the 2 audio CD's, including diaphragmic breathing, getting rid of hyperventilation, progressive muscle relaxation, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Several of these techniques are 12-15 minute hypnosis sessions on separate tracks, so you can choose the technique/s that work best for you.

Two years ago, I was having low-grade anxiety attacks because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, I didn't realize they were panic attacks! It wasn't until I thought I was having a heart attack that I went to the Emergency Room. When the ER doctor told me I was experiencing anxiety, I was floored. Me? Anxiety?

Fortunately, the tests that he ran and the information he shared with me was enough to neutralize feelings of anxiety. Armed with information and clarity, I never had an anxiety attack again (thankfully). I wish I had the Hypnosis For Anxiety Relief series when I was going through my own bout with anxiety--especially to learn deep breathing and visualization techniques, as well as having the extra boost of Wizell's hypnotherapy. (By the way, this series was my first experience with hypnosis and hypnotherapy!)

Ms. Wizell has such a soothing, calming voice which is often coupled with the soft melody of Pachebel's Canon. Whether she's leading a hypnosis session to "anchor in peace" or neutralize anxiety by seeing it as an "object", it was very easy for me to relax and visualize. After the progressive muscle relaxation session, I was amazed at how relaxed I felt physically and how clear I was mentally. Her sessions really "bring you in the now", which is important. Most panic attacks occur because of "what ifs" that are future based--and our imaginations and worry trigger the flight or fight response as effectively as an actual threat would.

She also shares her own experiences, such as the panic attacks she used to experience while driving down the L.A. highway, as well as her extreme fear of needles. As a result, you feel comforted that she's someone who has "been there".

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