I Ching - The Eight Trigrams
Each of the eight trigrams of the I Ching has numerous correspondences and attributes, such as natural features, parts of the body, and family relationships. Together they symbolize the evolution of nature and its cyclical changes. The trigrams are a common sight in China where they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity and ward off misfortune. They can also be found on the Korean flag. Any two trigrams can be combined 64 possible ways to create a hexagram with a complex meaning. These six-lined symbols can be used as a divination tool to show how the world is changing and how the user may react in light of these changes.

The Eight Trigrams

Trigram ch'ien
Name: heaven
Associated Image: sky
Associated Attributes: strength, power
Animal: horse
Family Link: father
Direction: northwest

Trigram k'un
Name: earth
Associated Image: fidelity
Associated Attributes: submission
Animal: ox
Family Link: mother
Direction: southwest

Trigram chen
Name: thunder
Associated Image: impulsiveness
Associated Attributes: provocation
Animal: dragon
Family Link: elder son
Direction: east

Trigram k'an
Name: water
Associated Image: danger
Associated Attributes: flexibility
Animal: pig
Family Link: middle son
Direction: north

Trigram ken
Name: mountain
Associated Image: immobility
Associated Attributes: inevitability
Animal: dog
Family Link: younger son
Direction: northeast

Trigram sun
Name: wind
Associated Image: subtlety
Associated Attributes: penetration
Animal: fowl
Family Link: elder daughter
Direction: southeast

Trigram li
Name: fire
Associated Image: enlightenment
Associated Attributes: warmth
Animal: pheasant
Family Link: middle daughter
Direction: south

Trigram tui
Name: marsh
Associated Image: joy
Associated Attributes: magic
Animal: goat
Family Link: younger daughter
Direction: west

The above information is from The Atlas of The New Age by Gerry Maguire Thompson.

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