If God Hears Me, I Want An Answer!  - Barbara Rose
“The purpose of this book is to teach you exactly how to receive the answers you seek. I will share how I do it, and I will give you simple guidance so that you know how to receive the answers, what to do, and what to look out for to ensure that the answers you receive are truly from God and not just from your own ego.” – Barbara Rose

Author Barbara Rose asserts that God does NOT play favorites, especially when it comes to communicating with humanity. Whether you’ve heretofore ignored any Deity or completely screwed up your life, God will provide comfort and guidance if you but ask.

In her book If God Hears Me, I Want An Answer!, Barbara offers gentle, straightforward instructions on how we hear from God, how to ask for help from the heart, and the importance of pure motives when seeking answers. She also teaches readers how glean answers via writing dialogue, as well as from dreams. Not only can you receive for yourself, she encourages, but you can also receive insight on behalf of humanity—becoming a catalyst for global change.

Peppered with personal anecdotes, Barbara shares her own personal journey in receiving answers from God (including a painful custody battle) as she rose above hurt, frustration, and confusion to a life of peace and confidence. She shows readers how to protect themselves when asking for answers, as well as describing how it feels when you receive answers from God. By tapping into our highest truth through a direct conversation with God, we can transform any circumstance for the greater good of all.

If God Hears Me, I Want An Answer! also offers ways to see tragedy from a higher perspective as well as transforming limiting, harmful views of Self. Barbara spends a good portion of the book describing how to receive answers from God via journaling, whether you use pen and paper, keyboard, or even verbal dictation (for those with limited use of their arms/hands).  This is a powerful tool for connecting to the Divine, especially once individuals get past any ingrained religious beliefs or self-doubt. If you happen to be thinking “Why would God want to speak to ME?”, Barbara will help you move past these types of questions.

If you’re feeling hurt, afraid, disappointed, confused, or frustrated, this book can help you navigate through difficult circumstances and find the answers you so desperately seek. Barbara shows you how to tap into the cry of your heart, center yourself, and receive clear, reassuring guidance from God for the highest good of all concerned. I highly recommend this empowering, encouraging book!

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