Increase Vitality: Music for Self-Healing - Joshua Leeds and Dr. Andrew Weil
"Increase Vitality is designed to arouse the body's primary pulses--heart rate, brainwaves, and breath. There are three twenty-minute sequences where tempos accelerate, melodic complexities multiply, and musical fun abounds! As a consequence, heart rates speed up to match the external rhythms, breath quickens to keep up with the heart, and brainwave activity increases as vital energy flows through the system." -- From the liner notes

According to Joshua Leeds, an expert in psychoacoustics, there are three psychoacoustic techniques used in Increase Vitality:

1. Resonance - The impact of one vibration upon another

2. Entrainment - A natural process whereby heartbeat, breath and brainwaves speed up or slow down to match an external rhythm

3. Auditory Pattern Identification - Passive hearing techniques designed to relieve the mind of the tendency to "work" to figure out musical patterns

While this CD is designed to "kick your brainwaves in higher gear", it jangle my nerves instead! Now, I wake up with enthusiasm for life and for my projects--so it's not like I need a fire lit under me or anything. But I thought I'd try this CD just for peppy, pleasing classical music to play while I worked.

Big mistake! What I didn't realize is that Joshua Leeds and Andrew Weil SPECIFICALLY recommend AGAINST playing this CD while working (didn't realize that until AFTER I played it)! They don't really say why, but I can attest that I used this CD one day while writing reviews and scanning pictures--and I kept getting distracted and confused.

So NOT me! So I read the liner notes to see about the science behind Increase Vitality when I read that it's not recommended when you need to concentrate. ?! Isn't one of the states of vitality clarity and focus? I mean, it is for me! So why Increase Vitality left me agitated and distracted, I can't be sure.

I have a guess, though. See, I benefit from the Relax and de-Stress: Rest, Re-Balance, and Replenish with Classical Music for Healing CD, also by Joshua Leeds and Dr. Andrew Weil. I'm thinking that this is because my personality/state of being is already vivacious and alert.

Now, for someone has a personality that's WAAAAAAY laid back, Increase Vitality may be just what the doctor ordered. (My husband is such a personality but, honestly, I found this CD so aggravating that I didn't even give it to him to try!)

The flute and cello pieces are especially nice on this CD--but the frog noises are irritating. I didn't find the musical arrangements to be as beautiful as the Relax and De-Stress CD, either.

Increase Vitality has three specific sequences:

Sequence 1: Easy Does It (20:26) 80-100 beats per minute

Marcello Sonata Andante transcribed from Cello Suite No.3
Haydn Sonata in F Allegro
Bach Suite in G, Gigue
Bach Suite in B minor, Polanaise
Bach Suite in G, Sarabande
Marcello Allegro transcribed from Cello Suite No.3

Sequence 2: Get Up & Go (19:31) 90-110 beats per minute

Doppler Fantasie Pastorale Hongroise
Gossec Gavotte
Gossec Tambourin
Mozart Sonata in A Major, K. 331
Back Flute Sonata in Eb Major, Allegro
Rachmaninoff Prelude in G minor, Op. 23 No. 5

Sequence 3: Have Mercy! (20:13) 120-140 beats per minute

Traditional Irish Reel
Monti Csardas
Beethoven Sonata in E flat Major, Op. 31
No. 3 Scherzo: Allegretto vivace
Bach Prelude in D Major, WTC Bk, 1 #5
Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Op. 66
Monti Csardas

Perhaps you'll have better success with this CD than I have. For me, the last thing I need is over-stimulation--especially with such unpleasant results!

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