The Indigo Children - Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
“This is perhaps the most exciting, albeit odd, change in basic human nature that has ever been observed and documented in any society with the tools to do so.” –from the book

For the last several years, The Indigo Children – The New Kids Have Arrived has been the foremost reference book on this phenomenon. Educators, therapists, medical professionals, and parents have noticed a turning tide among children. With the rise in ADD/ADHD, PDD-NOS, and Autism diagnoses among our kids—as well as unusual behavioral patterns and the manifestation of psychic gifts—people all over the world are starting to realize that something is up.

Authored by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, this book is geared towards parents who want an alternative to Ritalin or just want to plain old understand their child. Why does Jimmy always buck authority? Guilt trips laid upon children worked for decades—why aren’t the working now? Where does their sense of “royalty” and strong sense of self come from? How can they read my mind like that? Are our children fulfilling a specific purpose that will aid in the evolution of humanity? Why are children killing other children…and where is their anger coming from?

The Indigo Children answers these questions and much more. Outlining the attitudinal, spiritual, and physical attributes of these “new kids”, parents and caregivers are given a blueprint of just what they’re dealing with. This book is peppered with interviews, practical advice, and first-hand accounts by parents, therapists, health practitioners, and educators—as well as essays by Indigos themselves.

While the title of this book is The Indigo Children, Indigos are not “just” kids. There are Indigo adults who are “forerunners” for both the Indigo children, and the Crystal kids. According to Nancy Tappe, there are 4 types of Indigos: Humanist, Conceptual, Artistic, and Inter-Dimensional. Each have different qualities, and will affect different portions of humanity with their unique gifts.

Providing information on alternative schooling options, nutritional therapy, spiritual nurturance, and parenting methods, The Indigo Children remains the quintessential resource for parents and caregivers of today’s kids. I highly recommend this book, especially if you want a sneak peek into where humanity may be heading.

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