Inner Wisdom - Louise Hay
"Within each of us is a center of wisdom far deeper and greater than we are aware of. The meditations in this book are designed to connect with that center and magnify our understanding of life. When we are willing to open our consciousness to new ideas and new ways of thinking about issues, then our lives change for the better." --from the book

Have you noticed that the way you begin the day often sets the tone for the experences that will follow, as well as how we will react to them? A great way to start the day with positive thoughts is Louise Hay's book Inner Wisdom - Meditations For the Heart and Soul. Hay shares uplifting gems of wisdom that are sure to encourage and inspire you. As with many Hay House titles, this book is full of colorful illustrations and text. Some pages have affirmations such as I breathe in loveI flow with life, I relase all feelings of guilt, and I create wonderful new beliefs for myself. Most of the pages, however, contain wisdom like:

Am I expanding or contracting? When I expand my thinking, my beliefs, and everything about me, the love flows freely. When I contract, I put up walls and shut myself off. If I am frightened or threatened or feel that something is just not right, I begin to breathe. Breathing opens me up. It straightens my spine. It opens my chest. It gives my heart room to expand. By practicing breathing, I drop the barriers and begin to open up. It is a beginning point. Instead of going into total panic, I take a few breaths and ask myself: Do I want to contract, or do I want to expand?

One page has the affirmation I perceive my true being with colorful flowers below it. The meditation that accompanies it says:

I see myself having a consciousness of oneness with the presence and power of God. My wisdom and understanding of Spirit increases, and I express the inner beauty and strength of my true being. Divine order is ever-present in my experience, and there is plenty of time for all that I choose to do. I express wisdom, understanding, and love in all of my dealings with others, and my words are Divinely guided. I see myself expressing the creative energy of Spirit in my work, my writing, and my speech. Fun, uplifting ideas flow through my consciousness, and I follow through on the ideas received, bringing them into full manifestation.

Whether using these words of wisdom at the start of the day, during a mid-day retreat, or before you go to bed, you're thoughts will begin to calm and your spirit will feel refreshed. I highly recommend this 101 page book, especially if you desire guidance, wisdom, strength, and peace.

As Hay says in Inner Wisdom: Remember, in the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole, and complete...and so are you.

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