The Instruction Manual for Receiving
God - Jason Shulman
“This book does not encourage false forays into imaginary worlds where there is no suffering of any sort, where some magical notion of spirit has whitewashed reality into a palatable dollop. Instead, the words in this book seek to awaken you to the truth of God, that perspective and level of integration that allow you to be separate and one with the universe at the same time. It seeks to put life into perspective and to make our lives something worth living, despite the hardships inherent in the situation in which we find ourselves.” – From the book

Rare is the day that I read a book but instead enter a peaceful sanctuary. It is equally rare for me to discover a book that depressurizes the air surrounding the human condition and the idea of spirituality.

The Instruction Manual for Receiving God does not advocate the destruction or transcendence of the ego, nor does it promote striving to reach a superhuman ideal. There are no flights into magical thinking, denials of the difficult or dualistic notions of God being “here” but not “there”.

Instead, this seminal work disseminates forbidden knowledge—ideas so profoundly simple and shockingly sublime that to peer into this deep well of mystery is to see the face of God.

According to author Jason Shulman, you—yes, you!—already have what you need to receive God. In fact, “you have your own song, and God has a ticket to your concert. If you are shy, God, being God, will sing for you.”

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from this gloriously poetic, healing book:

“The hardest job in the world is to be simply and fully human.”

“When we have problems, we imagine a different sort of life where there are no problems and then attempt to get there…There is no life but this one. There are not two lives, one better than the other. True change begins with a relationship with what is actually present in the Now.”

“God cannot be known secondhand…God comes from the heart and not from a book. You must think God up for yourself.”

“The bruised apple is still good for making pies. In other words, trust in the Creator to see the good that even you yourself cannot see. Your sorrows do not need to disappear for you to be good in God’s eyes. Therefore you need never hide any part of yourself again.”

“There is no form of freedom that does not include our limitations and suffering.”

“All neurosis is an obsession with memory.”

“Your ongoing life is the furnace that brings human warmth into the world.”

“Every story about a vision quest or spiritual journey ends with the hero discovering something that was in him or her all along…Trust that everything you need is already within you.”

The Instruction Manual for Receiving God shows us how to move from lost to found, from rejected to accepted, from wounded to healed, from wandering to rooted. Like Dorothy, we can come to realize that “we had it all along”—and that there’s no place like Home.

And where is Home? It’s right where you are sitting, my Friend.

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