Interview with Zach Wong - Revelations Tarot
I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Zach Wong, creator of the Revelations Tarot. This unusual deck has taken the dread out of reading reversals because of its two-sided imagery.

Janet: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Zach. To start off, what kind of medium did you use for the coloring? How long did it take?

Zach: The process was the following:

1) Black felt tip pen onto A4 paper, hoping there will be no

2) 30 minutes later, I spend 2-3 hours thickening the lines with a thicker felt tip pen, rounding off the edges.

3) 2 years later I scan all the images and begin to colour them in
Photoshop using many layers

4) Each image took about 4-6 hours for me to colour.

The trouble was finding the time and the energy. :)

Janet: How long did it take you to complete the deck? To write the companion book?

Zach: The deck started in 2000 and finished in the first quarter of 2003. The process was a “start-stop—live'a'little—start again—rinse+repeat” …as much of life got in between.

The companion book took me 2 weeks to write. The publisher told me they required a companion text before I could get a contract thus it was a very quick execution for me. The editors then corrected and fine tuned it and produced the beautiful book.

Janet: What is your favorite card and why?

Zach: The Moon is my favourite card. I had an idea of three circles to start off with, but I wasn’t prepared for what I accomplished. When I
coloured it, I blew myself away when I took a moment to stand back.

Janet: Is there a card you look at and think "that's me"?

Zach: Three of Swords - because it's all in my mind.

Janet: What brings you satisfaction in life?

Zach: Helping others without them actually knowing.

Janet: What is the most rewarding aspect to Revelations Tarot?

Zach: Being able to share my art with my current and future friends.

Janet: Do you think you'll do other divination projects in the future?

Zach: Only if inspiration hits me like a Mack Truck again.

Janet: What is the greatest compliment someone can pay you?

Zach: "Thanks for being here."

Janet: I want to personally thank you for the work you put into this
deck--artistically, emotionally, and spiritually. It has provided me with amazingly direct readings for both myself and my clients. And the images…so beautiful. I wish you much success at your art showings and with this wonderful creation of yours.

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