Intuitive Power - Caroline Myss (Audio)
“We’re such silly creatures. How hard we work to develop that which comes naturally. You are so outrageously intuitive that what you’re really trying to do is develop the strength to act on intuitive guidance.” –Caroline Myss in the audio workshop Intuitive Power – Your Natural Resource
According to author and lecturer Caroline Myss, intuition is the ability to take multiple systems of knowledge and make sense of them. Courage is a fundamental part to becoming intuitive—that is, taking action based on the guidance that’s received. In fact, Myss says that the intuitive journey is actually the journey to self-esteem.

Intuitive Power – Your Natural Resource is a live Caroline Myss workshop on 4 CD’s. The theme of this workshop is the role of intuition, the nature of intuitive blocks, the importance of personal power and self-esteem in hearing and following intuitive guidance, and the interior spiritual life.

CD 1

In CD 1, Myss discusses intuition “American style” which includes the myth that we deserved to have our life “settled”—that the Mystery of who we are is something to be “solved” rather than lived. She also discusses the propensity of many American spiritual seekers to elevate roles like “healers”, believing they are of utmost importance to the Divine—and how they sneer at “blue collar intuition” and grounded occupations (like accountant, for example) believing they’re “just jobs” that don’t require intuition. Myss said that after her book Sacred Contracts came out, she realized that people weren’t interested in their archetypal contracts with the Universe…but rather in public recognition as an “intuitive” or “healer”. She goes on to dispel the myth that intuitive skill and the spiritual life are one in the same, as well as the idea that intuition is a “gift”—only bestowed on those who are “good” or light enough candles.

“Below the waist” and “above the waist” intuition is contrasted, and Myss explains ideas that the 1st Chakra is “capitalist intuition” and that the lower chakras ask “what’s in it for me?” Survival intuition, that of the first three chakras, are not spiritual guidance or higher revelation; in fact, this type of intuition has a private agenda built into it. Chronos time and Kairos time are explained, especially in relation to intuitive information and questions, and Myss shares a story from her new book Invisible Acts of Power, which she was writing at the time this workshop was recorded. She then launches into what becomes a major theme in this CD workshop: the role of self-esteem in acting upon intuitive guidance.

CD 2

Funny stories are peppered throughout this workshop, and Myss begins Disc 2 telling the story of a Puella Eternis who was in her 30’s and still lived with her Dad. Myss was discussing how God can “wipe you out” in an instant—with or without a prayer of surrender—and mentioned that as she was teaching this concept at another workshop, especially as it related to finances, this Puella called out “God can’t take my money because my Dad put it in a Trust Fund.”, to which the audience roared with laughter. Myss also goes on to admit that she has changed positions of a lot of things as she read and learned more, including the concept that illness is caused by negativity. Stating that she “doesn’t buy it anymore” and that it’s a “cruel thought”, she acknowledges that while negativity can enhance illness, it doesn’t cause it.

Myss also says that she will teach, until the day she disincarnates, that the great skill or power in the human experience is not love, but self-esteem. The role of self-esteem is the role of everything. She says: “Self-esteem is the ability to have an interior sense of self that is so in harmony with purpose—with a sense of who you are—that you can afford to hear a voice that no one else hears. You can afford to get a flash that no one else sees, and that if someone says to you ‘That’s crazy. That can’t happen”…you know it can. “ Myss teaches that worry about the opinions of others, which is a by-product of low self-esteem, keeps individuals from following guidance and, in essence, “steals your soul”.

CD 3

Myss explains how our physical body is the “caboose” on the intuitive train—it is not the engine. She explains how we are always doing “energetic readings” by scanning people—an unconscious process that lights up all 7 of the chakras. As she has taught in other workshops, Myss talks about how meeting new people is often an exercise in gathering energetic data—starting with 1st chakra questions like “Where are you from?”, and working upwards to the other chakras. For example, a 2nd chakra question would be “Are you married? Do you have any kids?” Unfortunately, as often happens in her workshops, Myss doesn’t go beyond the first three chakras so we can see how questions from the upper chakras would be posed to others, and what exactly we’re assessing from chakras 4-7. She goes on to talk about losing energy and the importance of “intellectual disciple” in observing yourself by asking questions like “What takes power out of me? Where? How come? How much am I losing?” Every person you talk to and ever situation you enter changes the balance of your energy body.

Myss explains why some people and situations “gut” us, how to call our power back and how to keep energetically “contained”—which is the object of health. She further explains at how we slit our energy field in the morning as we ponder anxieties about the day, sending our energy to “animate” the targets of our fears (in the order of the chakras), and how we’re often anywhere but “here”.
She goes on to tell a story about reaming out a guy when she was on safari in South Africa, despite “knowing better”. She begins taking questions from audience members and someone asks Myss if she felt it was her place to do so. “No, I wanted it to be my place”, she answers. CD 3 ends with the wise observation of how people often run to readers and intuitives because of wanting answers to questions that their intuition has already given them—but they don’t want to hear or act upon.

CD 4

Myss continues to take questions from the audience about her safari experience. She is asked: “Is it better to do that (chew someone out) then hold it in?” She answers: “You know, what I did is never the better path. He didn’t come there to be attacked by me.” Myss admonishes the audience on the importance of being hard-core honest with themselves and ask “What is the real reason I want to do what I’m about to do? What’s the real reason I want to say _____?” She further explains how we de-animate 60% of our life force in the morning by pondering and plugging into fears. In essence, intuition is collapsed because it’s being distributed into 30 different time zones and fears. Myss also talks about the back-lash of the new age, saying we’ve become “hyper-responsible” about illness and the concept of creating your own reality. She argues that we influence our reality, but we don’t create it. In fact, sometimes illness can be an answer to prayer—so it can’t be deemed “negative” in that instance, or in the instance of, say, Helen Keller (who said that she chose her situation so she could “teach the blind to see and the deaf to hear”.)

She is then asked about archetypes and if they are actual entities. She replies that they are, in fact, actual entities and that a person can be “possessed” by an archetype by identifying so strongly with an archetypal patterns that the pattern becomes more real than they are. According to Myss, comments like “That’s just the way I am” are important clues to your archetypal patterns, and she correlates Julie Andrews’ real life nun archetype and Andrew’s role in The Sound of Music. Myss ends the workshop answering questions about “brutal invasions of intuition”, frightening “downloads” and fear, depression, and psychic debris. In fact, Myss goes so far to say that depression is often “debris possession” that’s the result of vulnerability from low self-esteem.

In Conclusion

I have the Myss Self Esteem Workshop on CD, but haven’t listened to it yet, so I don’t know how much of this information from this series is covered in that workshop. However, Myss spends a good amount of time hitting home the importance of self-esteem and the containment of our personal power in Intuitive Power – Your Natural Resource. If you’re unfamiliar with chakras, you’d likely be lost, so I’d recommend reading Anatomy of the Spirit by Myss first. For hard-core Myss fans, there’s really not a whole lot new here in my opinion, but as is always the case with her workshops, there are many nuggets wisdom that bear repeating and will help you on your journey towards become more conscious.

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