Invisible Acts of Power - Caroline Myss
"Being of service is not an option, it is a biological necessity. Every kind action we do for someone is a reanimation of our own life force--and the other person's...Each time you reach out to another person, whether you decide to do a small favor or because you feel compelled to help, you perform an invisible act of power that has profound healing effects for you both." --Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss, pioneer of energy medicine, has written a book that may forever change how you see yourself in the world.

Invisible Acts of Power - Personal Choices That Create Miracles demonstrates how conscious acts of kindness, generosity, and service create meaning, hope, and even health for both the giver and the receiver. Myss contends that all thoughts and interactions are an exchange of power, and maps how this energy manifests itself through each of the 7 chakras. Within the 7 stages of generosity, Myss makes the case that the ability to be generous and the ability to be intuitive are inextricably linked. She breaks new ground in exploring why many people are afraid to be generous--and the ramifications of "holding back" or ignoring intuitive guidance.

Using both personal stories and those culled from over 1,200 letters that were sent to her website, Myss shares electrifying and heart-warming examples of how kindness towards others actually increases our own power and health--and teaches how we can move from visible to invisible acts of power.

Showing how acts of service correspond to the energies of the chakras, we learn how Chakra 1 (the Root Chakra) involves gifts of the Earth such as food and shelter, Chakra 3 (the Solar Plexus Chakra) involves gifts of self-esteem and personal dignity, Chakra 6 (the Third Eye Chakra) involves gifts of the mind, wisdom, and optimism, and so on. Myss also teaches the three myths we hold about power, the highest form of generosity and power and why it is invisible, and how we can become channels of divine grace and miracles.

Some of the stories in this book ripped me wide open--spilling tears down my face. As is usually the case with the teachings of Myss, I was both challenged and touched by her sharp, insightful wisdom. Many of the stories moved me deeply--allowing me to remember the importance of a kind word, smile, or even refraining from judging another harshly.

If you've lost hope in the goodness of humanity, this book can restore it. If you've lost faith that heaven sees or hears your pain, Invisible Acts of Power will remind you that you are truly loved and always cared for. If you yearn for emotional and spiritual congruence, you'll learn how to calibrate your energy. If you seek connection with the divine and your fellow man, Myss gives you a blueprint to open the floodgates of grace and power.

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