Journey to Wild Divine - An "Inner-Active" Computer Adventure
It has been said that the biggest cause of stress and anxiety is caused from a perceived disconnection from the Divine--either within oneself or in the universe at large.

In New Age circles, you often hear about subtle body and energetic body. We are finally realizing that our thoughts, emotions and physical body have an etheric counterpart that registers our bodily states. Attending to our spirits promotes peace, health, and a sense of well-being. The effect of stress and anxiety on our bodies is well documented. Likewise, studies are showing the powerful effects of prayer, meditation, and joy on our emotional and physical health.

Kurt Smith and Corwin Bell of The Wild Divine Project are two visionaries who have developed a groundbreaking tool that engages mind, body and spirit. The Journey To Wild Divine - The Passage is an “Inner-active” computer journey that integrates the power of the spiritual quest with an innovative biofeedback interface and high-end multi-media production. It incorporates mythology and elements of the classic hero and heroine’s journey with state of the art 3D graphics, video and music.

In developing The Journey, Bell and Smith have collaborated with various leaders in the field of consciousness and compassionate action on both the spiritual and biofeedback technology aspects of the project. Known as “allies,” they include Jean Houston, a pioneer researcher in human capacities, and Nawang Khechog, a former Buddhist monk and one of Tibet’s foremost world music composers and musicians.

Bio-feedback is the science of recording both Skin Conductance Levels (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and using this information to modify thoughts, emotions, and breathing. SCL is the measurement of sweat gland activity on a person's skin, and HRV is the calculation of the differences in heart rate from one heartbeat to the next. No two of these intervals are exactly the same, and you need a device more sophisticated than just taking your pulse to determine it. Those who exhibit greater HRV tend to live longer and enjoy life more. When playing this amazing adventure, you slip 3 fingers in the comfortable sensors known as "Magic Rings". Your SCL and HRV are interpted by the "Light Stone" energy translator.

Up until now, biofeedback technology was in the hands of experts--where a professional had to interpret your results. From those results, you would then learn how to regulate breathing, thoughts, emotional states, and so on. However, with The Journey, the game itself lets you know how you're doing.

Set in the magical Sun Realm, players encounter breathtaking scenery, helpful mentors, and various "Events". For example, you're invited to join Cosmo and Sophia in the Inner Imagery Theater--which includes inviting your own partner to share the Magic Rings. Cosmo and Sophia show you how to challenge one other with sensory imaginings, and then you and a partner explore images from the five senses.

For example, my husband and I entered the Inner Imagery Theater together where we challenged each other with images such as "I want you to imagine stroking the soft fur of a kitten" or "I want you to imagine the sound of a gentle rain falling on a tin roof." All of the other Events I've experienced thus far, however, have been for just one person. (But I'm nowhere near completing the adventure!)

In one of my journeys, I entered a lush courtyard with vibrant greenery, colorful flowers, and majestic colums. I was encouraged to relax and levitate a purple ball. Sound easy? Not necessarily! It depends on how able you are to enter into relaxing breath and peacefulness. There are times when I can float the ball off the screen, but yesterday, I couldn't get it past an inch or so. I was irritated by my son's interruptions (which sent the ball back to the ground!), but it occurred to me that this was a perfect scenario to increase awareness of my thoughts, breathing, and emotional response. After I played the game for about an hour, I was amazed at the marked difference in my mental and emotional states.

However, not all "Events" are designed to promote calm. With some, you have to think joyful, enthusiastic thoughts and increase the rate of your breathing--such as spinning a pinwheel.

Helpful mentors you'll encounter include The Royal Falconer, Kwan-Yin--Lady of Compassion, Mila-Rugom, and Luna the White Wolf. You'll receive a magic bag created by the Lady Of The Woods, where you'll be able to store items that you collect on your journey--and use for other Events. For example, you'll need to pick a red rose from the courtyard to give as an offering to the Durga. You can save several areas to the bookmark section, in case you want to go back. Sophia guides you when you first start a game, but when you load it another time, you can bypass this introduction and just head right into the gameplay.

The Journey to the Wild Divine - The Passage comes in an attractive, sturdy box which includes:

*CD-Rom Software featuring spectacular high-definition 3-D graphics and video
*More than 40 unique energy and breathing "Events"
*Install disks for both PC and Macintosh
*Easy-to-use "Magic Ring" biofeedback sensors
*"Light Stone" energy translator
*Supports upcoming multi-user, online experiences
*Original Soul Flight music CD
*Companion Guide and User's Manual

The music that accompanies the game is filled with gorgeous orchestration from the Soul Flight CD, performed by The Wild Divine Band. Featuring Kurt Smith and Andy McEwen, the band's music (which is sold separately, as well) is intended to have Transformational Effects that can help facilitate the journey of the soul.

To learn more about this amazing game or to purchase The Wild Divine for yourself, click here. This adventure is a groundbreaking tool for stress-relief, mindfulness, and meditation--promoting a sense of well-being and health. I highly recommend this visionary gift to humanity.

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Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d - Dr. Candace Pert

Content copyright © by Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. This review was written by Janet Boyer. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.