Jude: My Reincarnation from Auschwitz - Jewelle St. James
“So, here I was, asking the owner of the B&B about the Nazi death camp. ‘You may find yourself re-born after Auschwitz, yes?’ she asked. She had no idea how right she would be. At the age of fifty-two, I was compelled to come. It was time to face the visions that haunted me for years.” – From the book Jude

For over twenty years, Jewelle St. James painstakingly delved into past life flashbacks, combing historical and genealogical records for vital clues to her startling visions and emotional reactions. In her first book, All You Need Is Love, Jewelle chronicled her 17th century past life connection as Catherine with the soul of John Baron in Petworth, England.

In 2001, this soul, which incarnated as John Lennon, warned Jewelle that he had a disturbing message for her—but didn’t know if she’d be able to handle it. Suddenly, John Baron delivered an unusual poem that came forth via automatic writing. The writing came so fast that Jewelle didn’t have time to read the sentences until it was completed.

This melodic poem conveyed a horrifying story both foreign and familiar—a tale about a Jewish German woman named Katarina and the guard who loved her so much that he shot her to death.

In her newest book Jude: My Reincarnation from Auschwitz, Jewelle details her investigation into the channeled poem, as well as her childhood obsession with the Holocaust. Although not Jewish in this life, Jewelle felt a strange connection between the prisoners of the German and Polish death camps in the 1940’s, as well as Jewish people. In fact, when she once overheard a waitress mutter the words “Dirty Jew”, Jewelle felt ashamed and ill—as if the words were aimed directly at her.

Riveting and redemptive, Jude chronicles Jewelle’s journey to Krakow, Poland as well as her conversations with Holocaust survivors and those who lived in WWII Germany. As in her first book, Jewelle also explores fascinating synchronicities between her current life and her past life. For example, her own name contains an uncanny connection, as does the fact that she was born on February 12th (the same date the first Germans were transported to Poland) and was born at 2:41—the exact time WWII had ended.

What I found especially compelling was that Jewelle theorizes that many other baby boomers may be reincarnated survivors of the Holocaust—using this lifetime to heal the traumas experienced during that time. Equally intriguing is her theory that many children of baby boomers may be injured spirits from the Vietnam War.

On a personal note, I’ve always felt extremely emotional about Vietnam vets—often getting tearful when anything about them is mentioned. It’s a rather odd reaction, especially since I wasn’t old enough to know if its impact even though my Dad was almost sent there when I was a toddler. If Jewelle is right, that could explain my unusual response to that war, especially the returning survivors that were mistreated by American citizen and the many that still languish among the homeless and destitute to this day.

Absorbing and sobering, Jude: My Reincarnation from Auschwitz not only conveys how past-life echoes clamor for recognition through dreams and impressions, but also explains why many baby boomers find the Holocaust so familiar. If past-life exploration intrigues you or you feel a connection to this historical time, I highly recommend Jude by Jewelle St. James.

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