Juicy Living Cards - SARK
"Your real vision is immeasurably valuable and I dare you to let it out! Let us all see what you have made real from your dreams and imaginations. We are waiting to see." --SARK
I own and have reviewed many inspirational decks, but I have never seen one like the Juicy Living Cards! I had never heard of SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) until a few weeks ago, but the women who were talking about her work were absolutely gushing. "Who is this woman with a funny name?", I thought.

Now I know.

SARK is an artist and author of 11 books, and has produced more than 200 products to inspire creative living. She believes in inviting someone dangerous to tea, eating mangoes naked, and living juicy.

What is living juicy, you may ask? According to one of her brightly colored water-color cards: Living Juicy Means: rolling down a bright grassy hill, sleeping all day to stay in a dream, definitely taking your shoes off at the beach. Buying flowers that make you gasp. Find those places inside you that jump for joy and do things that bring out your best, most magic self!

The text on the 50 cards in this delightful deck look like hand written script, and the illustrations are either lush watercolors or whimsical cartoons (the cards are a matte finish, and are heavy stock). Some words are even circled (you know, like we did when we were kids when passing a note to a classmate in order to emphasize the importance of a word), and accompany gorgeous watercolor illustrations.  I laughed out loud at a few of the cards ("You are a delicious succulent human bean"), and was quite inspired by their gentle--and sometimes, profound--wisdom.

One of my favorite cards (pictured below)  is a "prayer pie" that says:

May you unfold willingly
May you be truly nourished
May peace be in your every step
May gratitude fill you
May you reach others with your radiant heart

Sometimes, we just don't give ourselves permission to let out the magical child within, let alone to love imperfectly, rest, and "eat impossibly delicious cake" (that's what you eat when you invite someone dangerous to tea, you see).

According to SARK: "Juicy Living Cards are reminders of living exuberantly and joy-fully, especially when you feel stuck or crabby. The cards help give you permission to "Be How You Actually Are". Draw a card randomly, and let serendipity guide you.in gaining a new perspective. Remember, it only takes a second to shift into a new place!"

If you find it difficult to give yourself permission to sing a song of surrender, stop doing (just for right now), dance with color, relax, risk the healing, play outside, take a leap of faith, or write your life so that others may be illuminated, then let SARK do it for you with the uplifting, whimsical and wise Juicy Living Cards.

Below is the front and back images of 3 Juicy Living Cards:
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