Karma Cards - Monte Farber
“As The Celestial Mechanic, I devised a way to combine the wisdom of Astrology with a quick and easy technique for putting us in touch with our Higher Selves, and the result was Karma Cards.” – From the companion book

With his characteristic Aquarian inventiveness, author Monte Farber marries the ancient art of Astrology with the accessibility of an oracle deck in Karma Cards. Designed so anyone can use them quickly and easily, Karma Cards are an unusual blend of oracle phrases with the Planets, Signs, and Houses of Astrology—36 cards in all.

Whether you seek to an answer an action question such as “What should I do about this job offer?” or an outcome question such as “What will be the outcome of this date?” Karma Cards are designed to answer both types of questions with clarity and accuracy. These reversible cards feature three words or phrases in blue to answer outcome-based questions with three words/phrases in red to answer action-oriented queries.

In addition, the six words/phrases on each card is divided in three realms: spiritual, mental and physical. Truly, Karma Cards covers all the bases!

Here’s an example: let’s say I want to inquire about a book I’m writing. I’d separate the Karma Cards into three decks: Planets, Houses, and Signs, shuffle and draw a card from each pile. (What’s great about this deck is that the card backings display the category.)

So say I drew Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th House. I’d look at the blue section on each card, read the three sentences generated by the cards, and determine which sentence best applied to the situation according to my intuitive impression.

The Spiritual advice says “The maturity that brings genius to experiment with balance”. The Mental advice says “Caution regarding the discoveries of cooperation”. And lastly, the Physical advice says “Limits imposed resulting from the eccentricity of your partners.”

Personally, I find it helpful to play around with both the red and blue sections because, in this case, I found the RED advice much more clear and appropriate. You could always experiment with Karma Cards to see which methods work best for you.

Along with the highly original construction of this particular oracle deck, I am also impressed with the 96-page guidebook to Karma Cards. The companion book is so rich with detailed yet practical information that those new to Astrology would get a solid introduction to this art just by reading it! Monte explains the nuts and bolts of an astrological chart, including house polarities, as well as the nature of each sign and planet—including the North and South Nodes.

If you had your astrological chart, you could get a good interpretation of the placements just by reading the card combinations and companion book. For example, looking at the chart of both my husband and son, I recognize that they both have their Moon in the 7th House. However, my son’s Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius while my husband’s Moon is in Aquarius.

To get some insight into those placements, I’d remove the Moon and 7th House cards from the deck, as well as the Aquarius and Sagittarius cards. Put them in a row, read what they say, and ouila!—I now have an overview of these particular placements.

If you’re fascinated by Astrology or would like to know more, Karma Cards would make a great introduction to this art! If you love quick, easy, and clear divination tools, this deck makes a GREAT oracle. I’ve used it several times and found it be very accurate and highly insightful!

Below are 9 cards from thsi deck:

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