The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple - Sonia Ricotti
“The Law of Attraction is working at all times, regardless of your beliefs or your awareness of its presence. We are constantly attracting into our lives (whether deliberately or by default) what we are emitting into the universe.” – From the book

From What the Bleep!? to The Secret, Jack Canfield to Abraham, teachings on the Law of Attraction now permeates our modern culture. Thanks to TV hosts like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King, the Law of Attraction is receiving media attention like never before.

With the exception of authors like Michael Losier (Law of Attraction), it seems many teachers make the Law of Attraction more difficult (and outlandish) than it really is. Thankfully, Sonia Ricotti has written an accessible, sensible and practical guide to this universal law that works hand-in-hand with our soul contracts in her book The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple.

Living up to its name, The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple is a 125-page hardcover book simplifying concepts of negative energy, positive energy, allowing, and shifting thoughts to attract your “greatest life”.

Take a page from Tony Robbins’ decades-long approach, as well as Lynn Grabhorn and other teachers, Ricotti shares the eleven central steps to consciously activating the Law of Attraction including:

• Deciding what you want
• Removing meaning
• Forgiveness
• Gratitude

Written in language that even a grade school student could grasp, The Law of Attraction Plan and Simple is an excellent introduction to this oft-hyped concept, bringing it down to the ground while at the same time encouraging readers to reach for the stars.

I’ve used these principles in my own life and I KNOW they work, especially as you edit the meaning attached to events (and expectations), and go for a state of being/feeling rather than specific objects (although they may also be a part of your “greatest life”). I also love that Ricotti, a first time author, has the wisdom to emphasize the importance of personal VALUES in terms of the Law of Attraction.

The important idea of personal values influencing what we decide to attract, and what we determine we want to allow, is often overlooked in books on the LofA (except for Peggy McColl’s books), but not in this one. In fact, Ricotti provides SIX pages of two-column lists offering a variety of core values to choose from.

For example, what I may value you may not and vice versa. I may value privacy and quietude while you may value community and teamwork. I may value risk-taking and creativity, while you value security and diligence. Thus, the Law of Attraction may be universal in how it’s applied, but it’s unique in manifestation based on ascertaining our values (so many don’t even KNOW what they value!), making decisions, allowing, and our soul lessons (something not covered by Ricotti, but discussed in Transforming Fate into Destiny by Robert Ohotto).

If you or someone you know would like to discover what your core values are, as well as learn what this “law of attraction stuff” is all about, The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple by Sonia Ricotti is a fine first step to get you on your way to creating deliberately and designing your own best life.

(Note: to delve deeper into the truths shared by Ricotti, I recommend the two books Your Destiny Switch and 21 Distinction of Wealth, both by Peggy McColl. To know more about how pre-incarnation soul contracts factor into the Law of Attraction—including the LoA’s limitations—read Transforming Fate into Destiny by Robert Ohotto.)

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