Let Go, Let Miracles Happen: The Art of Spiritual Surrender – Kathy Cordova
“Spiritual surrender is not about doing nothing. It is about releasing what’s not working in our lives, asking for guidance, and opening ourselves up to the opportunities that come our way, then acting on them.” – From the book

Say the word “surrender” and most people imagine a battle scenario with one side throwing in the towel, giving up in bleak despair. Because contemporary culture often thrives on competition and being “strong”, individuals often equate the concept of surrender with a form of weakness.

In the book Let Go, Let Miracles Happen: The Art of Spiritual Surrender, author Kathy Cordova explains that surrender “requires faith, but it also requires paying attention to opportunities and taking action.” By releasing attachments, goals, and expectations, we can surrender what is not working in our lives while at the same time opening ourselves to wider—and surprising—avenues for vibrant, peaceful lives.

Ms. Cordova stresses the importance of heeding intuition in the process of surrender, addressing several questions that often plague spiritual seekers, such as “Is it ego or intuition?” and “What if my intuition is wrong?” Drawing from A Course in Miracles, she answers the first question by describing the ego’s voice as:

“…fear, doubts, attack thoughts, vulnerabilities, and general ugliness that often comes to surface of our mind…the voice of authority, telling us what we ‘should’ do—not in the sense of moral authority, but in the sense of keeping up appearances and trying to meet other people’s expectations”.

Ego separates through manipulating others, striving in competition, and bragging to prove superiority. Intuition, however, is “the voice of that playful child, acting out of joy, who has a beginner’s mind, believes that anything is possible, and has no fear.” Moving towards love and away from fear—listening to our hearts—helps us tune into the voice of intuition.

In the first part of Let Go, Let Miracles Happen, the author discusses:

• Discovering the Art of Spiritual Surrender
• Winning Through Surrender
• What We Resist Persists
• Pray, Let Go, Listen: Three Steps to Spiritual Surrender
• The Beliefs That Hold You Back: Fear, Struggle, and Competition
• Keep Your Dreams, Lose Your Expectations: Intentions, Goals, and Results
• The Four Types of Surrender

The rest of the book chronicles the stories of dozens of individuals who faced difficult, perplexing, and painful situations, and how they made it through by surrendering. Poignant, candid, and often humorous, these stories illustrate the many avenues of surrender, whether through relationships, illness, unemployment, addiction, parenthood, and even the death of a loved one.

Let Go, Let Miracles Happen is a book rich with incisive wisdom and sage advice. I was surprised at the similarities between Ms. Cordova’s life and my own, and found her honesty refreshing. Her words ring true, and both her stories and those of the others were spiritually nourishing, encouraging, and comforting. What a relief to discover the strength in surrender—to stop banging heads against the wall and refrain from doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results! If you’re tired of striving, competing, and controlling—desperate to shrug off the weight of the world on your shoulders—Let Go, Let Miracles Happen will light the way to lightness, clarity, and joy.

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