Life Lessons: Gratitude – Lenore Skomal
“A life lived in the state of gratitude is marked by sterling human qualities, namely, generosity of spirit, deep and abiding hope, a broad life perspective, trust in the divine balance of the universe, intrinsic humility, and an absence of petty hatreds and jealousies.” – From the book

Drawing for many traditions, LifeLessons: Gratitude is a collection of quotes and inspirational thoughts designed to help readers build a life in balance. From Meister Eckardt to Albert Einstein, Melody Beattie to Thich Nhat Hanh, the 95-page book by Lenore Skomal offers quotations from these luminaries and others, as well as observations and meditations on living a life of gratitude. In addition to the paperback book, this attractive box set includes six note cards and envelopes tied with the sheer purple bow.  Uplifting quotes about gratitude grace the front of the cards, while the insides are blank for you to write a personalized message.

Some of the profound wisdom shared in this book includes:

“We are all in this together.  Take a look in your own role in everyday life to.  If someone cut you off while driving, it immediately makes you angry.  But if you do the same thing to someone else, your first thought might be, I didn’t mean it.  Well, how do you know the other fellow didn’t mean it, either?  Don’t let there be a disconnect between what you see and experience and what the intent or lack of it might be.  Approach others with understanding…The truth is no one is out to get you.”

“Gratitude is contagious.  By its very nature, thankfulness is warm and embracing.  You don’t have to go around hugging everyone, but when you get a thank you to someone, mean it.  Say it with intent and warmth, and watch the smile and energy of that person change.  Give it is a gift.  It has a power of its own that can change a person’s day, even the course of their life.”

“The synergistic effect of upgrading your level of gratitude creates a vortex so that much positive comes to you.  Those around you will treat you as you have treated them.  The more gratitude and generosity shower on the world, the mortal shall on you.”

“Contrary to the pop phrase, gratitude is not merely an attitude.  It is so much more.  In its most cultivated, divine form, gratitude is a state of being.  It emanates from the core of your existence and transforms the way you see the world and everything in it.”

Offering profound wisdom and gentle reminders LifeLessons: Gratitude is a wonderfully inspiring book encouraging gratitude as a lifestyle. I found myself greatly uplifted and heartened after reading the book.

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