The Little Book on Meaning - Laura Berman Fortgang
“It is one of the great ironies that while our hunger for a ‘meaningful’ life can be enormous, these days, more and more, our desire for meaning is ultimately satiated by the smaller, quieter aspects of our lives. Meaning is where you look for it—and also how you look for it. Meaning is actually all around us, and the circumstances surrounding it can be like an Escher print. Life can look quite meaningless until we focus on a certain point or points and the picture changes.” – From the book

As she began writing The Little Book on Meaning, spiritual coach and interfaith minister Laura Berman Fortgang found that additional “M” words flooded her thoughts—words such as Mystery, Magnificence and Mind.

In the complexity and hurriedness of modern life, attempting to determine Meaning—big M—may seem overwhelming, frustrating and, well, meaningless.

Helping readers refocus with a sure, gentle and (self admittedly) flawed hand, Fortgang reminds us that meaning is actually experienced during everyday occurrences. After all, much like a treasured keepsake, meaning is derived from context—for example, the who, where and why that’s associated with a particular object or memory.

In The Little Book on Meaning, the author reveals the myriad opportunities for creating meaning. From food to relationships, service to embracing wounds (others and ours), meaning exists wherever we enlarge our focus, soften our gaze, suspend judgment, and open our hearts.

Even amidst challenging circumstances—such as parenting a disabled child, dealing with illness, losing a job, or navigating crushing disappointment—meaning can be created, encourages Fortgang.

Replete with mystical insight from worldwide spiritual practices, as well as personal anecdotes, vulnerable admissions and compassionate counsel, The Little Book on Meaning delivers chewy, soul-nurturing morsels for those ready to slow down, look around, and create meaning from the raw material of “ordinary” life. As The Little Book of Meaning says, “Meaning is a state of consciousness. It comes tumbling forth from connection—to ourselves, each other, the earth, spirit, work, or even an inanimate object.”

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