Little Reminders: Love and Relationships Oracle Deck - Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
“Little Reminders: Love and Relationships is your personal, portable, beautifully illustrated oracle. By consulting these cards, you can receive answers to your questions about bringing true love into your life and keeping that love once you’ve found it.” – Monte Farber

Enchanted couple Amy Zerner and Monte Farber applies the lessons and wisdom they’ve learned from their legendary romance in a new oracle deck called Little Reminders: Love and Relationships.

If you’re a fan of their Karma Cards, you’ll no doubt be delighted with this 36-card oracle, especially since they use a similar three-stack formula for obtaining guidance.

There are three separate decks in this oracle: Amethyst, Ruby and Turquoise. Although you can certainly use the Love and Relationships deck for one-card readings, the ideal use for the Love and Relationships deck is to choose one card from each pile and then “read” the advice from the three cards in the form of a sentence.

The process and proper order of cards is easy to remember because the first letter of each color combine to spell ART—a lovely coincidence since this deck can help illuminate the “art” of love as you seek to deepen present relationships or embark on a journey to find true love.

One side of the card features Amy’s colorfully symbolic tapestries, while the flip side contains a part of the oracular “sentence” in addition to Monte’s poetic insights on a particular theme.

For example, I did a general reading asking about my marriage and got:

The Lover (Card 1)
Creates (Card 2)
Self- Esteem (Card 3)

Interestingly, Monte’s poems, Amy’s gorgeous artwork and the oracular sentence summed up where we’re at right now: collaborating on Tarot projects, and also working side-by-side on parallel—but solitary—creative endeavors.

As I picked random cards to accompany this review, though, I noticed that the messages could get a little muddled—and a tad contradictory. For example, one three pair grouping was:

The Friend (Card 1)
Initiates (Card 2)
Isolation (Card 3)

The message of the cards together says, “do not ignore those you feel are too nice or not interesting enough to be your lover. Instead, confront your fears and assert yourself. Show you have enough passion and courage to take action to keep your distance to avoid being overwhelmed. Now, it is not wise for you to get close to another.”

The second card encourages assertion and passion, but the third card advocates isolation and distance—which seems contradictory. Still, perhaps that grouping of cards might make sense to someone choosing them for divination and they just seem contradictory to me because I chose them for their images rather than for an actual reading.

If you enjoy Amy Zerner’s innovative collages and Monte Farber’s talent for incisive guidance, you’ll no doubt be thrilled with this unique deck. Designed especially for lovers and those with uncertainties about love, the Little Reminders: Love and Relationships deck can shed light on key issues, trouble spots and strengths in order to achieve healing, harmony and increased understanding among individuals.

(P.S. Amy and Monte's The True Love Tarot: Secrets of Dating, Mating and Relating is also a nice oracle designed specifically for relationships--but is more extensive than this particular deck.)

Below are 12 cards from this deck:

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