Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer: The Hidden Power of Beauty, Blessing, Wisdom, and Hurt – Gregg Braden
“There’s almost a universal sense that we have ancient magical powers within us.  From the time we’re children, we fantasize about our ability to do things that are beyond the realm of reason and logic.  And why not?  While we’re children, the rules that say miracles can’t happen in our lives have not yet been ingrained in us to the point that they become limits in our beliefs.” – From the book

From Christianity to Hinduism, Sufism to Judaism, prayer serves as a vital cornerstone to spiritual traditions worldwide. It has been said that prayer is talking to the Divine, while meditation is listening for the answer. But what if the body—our physical, earthen vessel—contains a lost mode of prayer? And what if sacred texts and traditions reference this type of prayer—some of which were lost during human editing?

In Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, author Gregg Braden explores ideas both scientific and spiritual in the quest for understanding the mechanics of prayer and its effects on “reality”. Explaining quantum physics and “The Field”, Braden demonstrates how “reality” is simply the mirror of our beliefs. That is, the sum total of our experience is, in fact, the result—indeed, the projection—of our beliefs.

By praying “for” peace, Braden surmises, are we not inviting more war by acknowledging that peace is not already here? While this may seem like New Age gobbledygook, the author presents convincing evidence that spiritual traditions and avatars knew a secret to prayer that was beyond mere words—a mode based on “feeling”.

The Gnostic Gospels and the New Testament were edited for various reasons, but Braden shares an intriguing version of John 16:24: “Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer.” He then relates a story about accompanying a Native American to the sacred medicine wheel to “pray rain”. Not pray FOR rain…but to :pray rain”. Rather than supplicate a deity to provide what isn’t there, this particular spiritual tradition advocated being surrounded by the answer. That is, imagining the smell of impending rain, actually “feeling” the droplets on an upturned face, and visualizing lush flora.

Echoing this same idea, Braden facilitated a 22-day pilgrimage to Tibet, and the monks and nuns shared instructions for a way to pray that was largely lost to the West because of fourth-century Biblical edits. Preserved in ancient texts and traditions, this “lost” mode of prayer has no words or outward expression, but is based solely on feeling.

Braden cites scientific studies on prayer and the Quantum Field, showing how the “observer” affects reality not only on an individual level, but also on a larger, societal level. Braden also shares the wisdom from various spiritual traditions—from Jesus to the Dalai Lama, Navajo to Gnostics—pointing to why we are here on Earth and how to make the best out of our Earthly journey.

Peppered with poignant personal anecdotes, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer reveals five powerful secrets to prayer and spiritual growth:

1. Our Lost Mode of Prayer – Braden shares the powerful secret of “feeling” prayer and being surrounded by the answer.

2. Hurt is the Teacher, Wisdom is the Lesson – Braden says that balance is not all it’s cracked up to be. Using fractal geometry as an example, he explains that just when things seem to be “just so”, chaos ensues. However, the Universe never brings about any situation until we already have the tools to handle it.

3. Blessing is the Release – Describing blessing as an “emotional lubricant”, Braden discusses how “frozen” hurts can cause illness, and how blessing can move us beyond confusing and frustrating situations—allowing these feelings to move THROUGH us.

4. Beauty is the Transformer – Using the raging fires of Taos as an example—as well as encounters with “imperfect” people—the author movingly shows readers how beauty surrounds us always.

5. Creating Your Own Prayers – Childhood rhymes and traditional singsong prayers may hold the key to a powerful mode of praying.

Printed on 194 glossy pages with an attractive “puffy” covers, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer taps into a potent spiritual “technology” that enhances life, heals hurts, and transforms perspectives. Sharing personal stories, scientific theory, and sacred wisdom from several traditions, Braden offers humanity a powerful blueprint for consciously creating a beautiful, peaceful reality.

I loved this book! I felt spiritually nourished while reading it, often moved to tears by Braden’s stories. But I also felt anticipation and excitement, especially at the thought that if humanity gets a hold of this “lost mode” of prayer—and puts these simple yet profound ideas into practice—that anything is possible.

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