Manifesting Good Luck Cards: Love and Relationships – Deepak Chopra
“Life is a relationship between elements, substances, consciousness, and human beings.” – From the deck

According to mind-body medicine guru Deepak Chopra, it’s important to develop and understanding of the metaphysical nature of love in order to create good luck in relationships. Manifesting Good Luck Cards: Love and Relationships is a 50-card deck promoting unity consciousness, self-awareness, and harmony.

Featuring a diverse palette of vibrant colors, each card depicts a brief affirmation on one side, and an elaboration on the theme on the other side. Some of the wisdom offered in this deck includes:

I honor and respect everyone on my path. I silently greet everyone I meet with the traditional Indian greeting “Namaste”, which means that the spirit inside me honors the spirit inside you.

I release myself from self-importance. When I let go of self-important feelings, I free myself from self-pity and anger.

I choose love over fear. When an obstacle arises in one of my relationships, I know that I can replace any fearful feelings with those of love.

I’m aware that emotions can be contradictory and irrational. When I recognize that my emotions, as well as others’, can be capricious at times, I am better able to forgive and forget.

What I like or dislike about other people reflects a similar quality in myself. When I see people as a mirror of myself, I am less likely to see them as above or below me.

I learn to pay attention to my inner dialogue—how I speak to myself. My thoughts create my outer reality, and determine the quality of my relationships.

I see that, more often than not, it’s best that I not defend myself. When I resist justifying myself, I open up to a whole new level of communication—and transformation.

When I meet another individual, I pay attention to what it is I share with that person. When I focus on what I share with someone else, and not on the differences between us, I meet that person with love.

Manifesting Good Luck Cards: Love and Relationships is a lovely deck promoting greater awareness, inner peace, and understanding. It would be an especially good deck for therapists to use with clients challenged with relationship issues. Individuals who want to move past fears and negative assumptions about relationships would also likely benefit from this deck.

Below are 6 card images from this deck:

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