Lovers Oracle - Sulamith Wulfing
"Relationships, specifically relationships between lovers, are one of the most fulfilling as well as the most challenging aspects of human existence. This deck can be used individually or together with your partner to develop a better understanding of yourself as well as your relationship.” –from the deck

The art of Sulamith Wülfing (1901-1989) reveals a hidden mystical world that captures the beauty and spirituality of darkness and light, fairies and angels, and otherworldly spirits. In the Lovers Oracle deck, Wulfing’s imaginative art captures the many different elements of relationship.

You can draw a card for guidance, or select one with your partner and discuss the message in the context of your relationship. The Lovers Oracle features 40 colorful paintings by Wulfing on one side, with a black and white illustration and message on the other.

Some of the quote found on the cards:

It is better to be hated for you are than loved for what you are not.

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it was truly meant to be.

If each time I thought of you were a flower, I could walk in my garden forever.

Love will die if held too tightly; love will fly if held too lightly.

The love from the soul is wholly without condemnation; it sees imperfection, but because of what it sees, more love flows.

While many of the quote are wise and inspirational, they are too light-weight to truly be oracular. I can see the Lovers Oracle working very well for those contemplating the nature of relationships and love, but it won’t offer much in terms of comprehensive guidance like many oracles. If you love the art of Sulamith Wulfing and the sentimental, romantic nature of love, you’ll enjoy this pretty deck.

Below are six images from this deck:

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