Magical Spell Cards - Lucy Cavendish
“Everyone needs to incorporate a little magic into their day-to-day world. In this modern, busy era, we’ve become separated from our instinctual selves and are rarely able to connect with nature. Working daily magic in the form of these spell cards will help put you back in touch with the sacred side of life, and enable you to make positive changes—simply, safely, and magically—every day you wish.” – Lucy Cavendish

Working magic intuitively since she was a little girl, author Lucy Cavendish is devoted to making positive magic a part of everyone’s life and to helping people rediscover the healing power and pure joy of magical ritual.

Whether you seek wisdom, psychic protection, or strength, spells can help bridge the gap between desire and manifestation. The Magical Spell Cards by Lucy Cavendish (beautifully illustrated by Jesse Reisch) provides specific areas of focus for performing spell work, and users can either choose a card at random or pick consciously according to the issue at hand.

The 111-page companion booklet describes the purpose of the spells and the issues each addresses, as well as a simple spell to perform. The author also shares how to create a sacred space, care for your Magical Spells Cards, and perform spells with positive intention. Ms. Cavendish says that spells motivated by positive intentions encourage true change, growth, and self-development.

The instruction booklet also provides information relevant to spell work, including:

Ten ways to increase the energy of your auric field
Magical meanings of the days of the week
Magical powers of various essential oils
Magical properties of assorted herbs
Moon magic (phases of the moon)
Symbolism of colors
The magical law of 3 x 3

Each card features billowy borders in hues of blue, lavender, peach, ochre, pink, and sea foam green.  Colorful and arresting, the central card image pertains to the subject of the spell, and the meanings are easy to look up since each card is numbered.

Some of the areas Magical Spell Cards addresses are:

Safe Home Protection
New Beginnings
Aphrodite’s Love Spell
Safe Travel

Incredibly accurate, Magical Spell Cards aid individuals with focusing intent, generating energy, and creating a receptive atmosphere for empowerment. Although I found this deck quite insightful and spot on (I used the random method of card selection), the ingredients and components of the spells themselves could be problematic for some users. If you’re a regular worker of spells, with numerous herbs, oils, fabrics, crystals, threads, and candles on hand, you should be just fine. However, for those without such accoutrements, you may find the “recipes” challenging to perform.

For example, Spell Card 32 Confidence requires a simple spell, but calls for one sprig each of oregano, basil, rosemary and sage—bound at one end with red, orange, and sky-blue thread. Spell Card 22 Safe Travel recommends, “Take a silver ribbon, and, on a map, pin the ribbon along the traveler’s route from departure to arrival and back again. Then, in a blue pouch, place a silver coin, one seashell, leaves from a lemon tree, and some earth from your home.”

Of course, you can always choose to visualize such spells, but if you feel that the “right” way to spell craft requires all recommended elements, then you may feel a bit challenged if you don’t have a lot of paraphernalia on hand.

An attractive deck, Magical Spell Cards is a great companion along the magical journey, providing straightforward spells and points of focus for meditation, clarity, and manifestation.

Below are 9 card images from this deck, as well as the backing:

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