Mapping Your Romantic Relationships - David Pond
"Relationships push our buttons because we have buttons. We have issues that only get activated relationships. Using astrology as a tool for exploring your relationships, at a minimum provides a framework for exploring every nook and cranny of your personal relationship portrait, and every nook and cranny of the combined energy of a relationship." -- David Pond
Synastry is the astrology of relationships. By comparing the natal charts of two people, a picture emerges as to the challenges, strengths, and potentials of the relationship. While the title of this book implies romantic unions, Mapping Your Romantic Relationships: Discover Your Love Potential can be used for any type of relationship, including parent and child, friends, and co-workers.

There are many neat elements to this book, the primary one being that it comes with a CD-ROM. Without any prior knowledge of astrology, you can pop the disk into your hard drive, enter the birth information of two individuals, and generate an in-depth analysis of the relationship. I generated a report for my husband and myself last night, and it was extremely accurate--detailing 52 separate aspects of our relationship.

Another unique element to Mapping Your Romantic Relationships includes hard-to-find Chiron interpretations, as well as interpretations for the North Nodes of the Moon (my two favorite elements of astrology!). The software gives you the choice of 12 different House Systems (I use Placidus, myself), as well as whether you want Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac.

The author likens our lives to a grand movie, where we are the director of the play of our lives. Providing an easy-to-understand tutorial on the planetary bodies(the characters in your life play), the signs (the scripts and roles the characters are to perform), the houses (the setting where the characters play out their roles) and aspects (how the characters either support, or are in conflict with, each other), this 246 page book prepares the reader to delve into the art of relationship astrology.

Part Two examines relationship profiles and houses such as the Sun through the houses and signs and its aspect in your chart, the Moon through the houses and signs and its aspect in your chart, and so on.

Part Three discusses synastry, the art of chart comparison. Pond shares some planet comparisons, intra-aspects and the synastry table, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton's relationship astrology.

If you are a nosy Scorpio like myself, you'll enjoy having this handy book and CD-ROM to compare the charts of your significant relationships (or even exes?) and find out what works--and what went wrong. Understanding and accepting ourselves leads to understanding and accepting others--giving much needed compassion for all involved.

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