Mars and Venus Cards – John Gray
“A woman communicates to make a point, discover more, and experience intimacy. A man communicates to make a point and solve a problem.” – From the deck

John Gray, author of the popular Mars and Venus relationship books, has created a 50-card deck based on his book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. His insights are intended to help individuals better understand and communicate with the man or woman in your life—resulting in richer, meaningful, and loving relationships.

Each of the Mars Venus Cards depict an observation or recommendation by Gray, with one side aimed at women (the Venus side) and the other geared towards men (the Mars side). Here are a few of the remarks found on the cards:

Mars: Women use “always” and “never” when they are feeling insecure.       Venus: Men take generalizations literally and get defensive.

Mars: Women do not appreciate being told how to change their feelings.
Venus: Men do not like being told what to do.

Mars: Call her from work and tell her you love her.
Venus: Leave him a love note that only he will see.

Mars: Her symptoms of stress are overreaction, feeling overwhelmed, and exhaustion.
Venus: His symptoms of stress are withdrawal, grumbling, and shutting down.

Mars: The more a woman feels the right to be upset, the less upset she will be.
Venus: When men talk about their problems, they are looking for solutions.

Mars: A man scores points with a woman if he does his best to contribute.
Venus: A woman scores points with a man if she lets him off the hook when he makes a mistake.

Some of the cards in the Mars/Venus deck are not universally applicable to all men or women, in my opinion, and some seem a bit archaic. However, both my husband and I looked over these cards and feel the messages are mostly accurate. Fans of John Gray’s Mars/Venus approach to relationships will likely enjoy this deck, as well as those comfortable with traditional gender roles.

Many of the Mars/Venus cards really nails the central issues of potential relationship sore spots, in my opinion, especially the ones about modes of communication.

Below are 6 card images from this deck:

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