Mercury Retrograde - 2005
Mercury goes retrograde on July 22, 2005. Many dread Mercury retrograde periods, but this cycle doesn't’ have to be feared. The glyph for a retrograde period is Rx.

The term "retrograde" means "backward". Obviously, no planet actually goes backwards. However, from our perspective here on Earth, all of the planetary bodies (except for the Sun and Moon) appear to move backwards. Imagine that you're driving down the road parallel to a set of railroad tracks. A train is speeding along to your left, and you pass the train. It appears to be going backwards, but what is really happening is that you are going faster.

Mercury is a mental planet and governs all forms of communication, including writing and speaking, as well as methods of communication such as computers, phones, faxes, and the mail system. Yes, it’s true that messages often get lost during this time and misinterpretation abounds. In fact, it's a good idea to check all the fine print in legal documents during this time, as well as back up computer files.

Mercury is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hermes. Both were considered trickster gods, so couple this mischievous nature with messages and communication and you can guess what may happen! Some examples would be leaving a message on an answering machine, only to have the recipient's child accidentally erase it. Or, addressing a letter to your beloved aunt who lives on the other side of the country--but accidentally writing your own zip code instead of hers! For those of you who like to talk behind people's backs, a Mercury retro period may find you accidentally emailing the person you're dishing on rather than your best friend who was the intended recipient.

Despite the fear that often surrounds Mercury retrograde periods, it’s possible for us to work with the energy by taking the time to tie up loose ends. To get the most out of Mercury retrogrades, concentrate on activities beginning with the prefix “re-“: re-do, re-write, re-pair, re-call, re-examine, re-new, re-decorate,  re-schedule and so on. This is a time to re-view the past, and assimilate those things that have happened to you since the last retrograde period back in March/April of 2005. Journaling will be especially productive during this time.

Here are the retrograde periods for 2005:

March 19 Retrograde at 14 degrees Aries
April 12 Direct at 1 degree Aries

July 22 Retrograde at 20 degrees Leo
August 15 Direct at 8 degrees Leo

November 13 Retrograde at 10 degrees Sagittarius
December 3 Direct at 24 degrees Scorpio

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