Astrology - Midheaven in Aquarius
This is a continuation of my interview with astrologer Barry Cowger as we discuss the purpose of the Midheaven (MC) in an astrological chart, as well as how each of the 12 signs expresses itself at the MC. This article addresses the Aquarius Midheaven.

Janet: So now we’re at the next to the last Sign in this interview series. I’m especially interested in the Aquarius MC, because that is my 6 year old son’s placement. Barry, I bet there’s some conflict between Saturn ruled Capricorn (the Midheaven’s natural placement), and the Uranian influence of Aquarius!

Barry: Those with an Aquarius Midheaven can live out two sets of what are apparently contradictory or opposing world views: 1) 'towing the line' conservative values and/or 2) views that have little relationship to the world as they see it. One side of the person easily finds their place within the world while the other side is forever attempting to find out where, with whom or how they fit into it. One side is conforming and the other, challenging; one side is happy with the way the world is and the other side wants to tear it down. Most people come down on one side or the other. But most people fall into the 70/30 majority; they are mainly working within a system, while also trying to improve it or make it better by introducing elements or idea from the 'outside'.   It's those individuals with a 50/50 split that really have a problem with both conforming and rebelling. Nothing works for long.  Once they seem to have settled in and it looks like they have found their place in their career's, families, or whatever, they rebel and try to get out! 

For those who seem to find themselves on the outside, feeling socially ostracized, they want to feel included, yet fear that they will lose something once they are actually and relatively successful in getting in.  Why this is the case with many with Aquarius on their MC's is that Saturn and Uranus are arch enemies.  The Aquarius/Uranus MC person is learning either how to take something that already exists and remake it into something more up to date or current, bringing a little Uranian energy into something that is Saturnine, while the Aquarius/Saturn side is learning how to bring more practicality or reality into all of their ideas and concepts. One is learning how to improve or even revolutionize the world (Uranus) while the other is learning how to be a constructive and productive part of it (Saturn). Either way, such people are usually not in lack of ideas! Guidance from a father figure? Absolutely! Going beyond the efforts of his/her own father or father figure? Definitely. The strong desire to be one yourself? Yes and no. Most people find their way, eventually incorporating and living out in a constructive way both sides of their MC nature.

One could say that they are here to experience both things as true; that something can be true and not so true at the same time.  Such people embody these kinds of oppositional tendencies. We have to thank these folks because they can truly walk the tightrope between 'the way it was' and the 'way that it will be or is becoming'.  If you want to change something or parts of your life that are not working, you have to honor your current circumstances and responsibilities while you begin to incorporate the new shift in your life.  Those who have mastered Aquarius on their Midheaven are like bridges from the past (which was once the present) to the present (which will certainly become the future). Sometimes change happens quickly.  But it's usually better for everyone when the Aquarius MC person leads to change yet respects and is responsible to the past as they have themselves created it. 

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