Astrology - Midheaven in Capricorn
This is a continuation of my interview with astrologer Barry Cowger as we discuss the purpose of the Midheaven (MC) in an astrological chart, as well as how each of the 12 signs expresses itself at the MC. This article addresses the Capricorn Midheaven.

Janet: Well, Barry, now we're at the Capricorn Midheaven--the natural "home" of the MC. I'm especially interested in this Midheaven placement because it's where my MC is located. How does the Capricorn Midheaven placement manifest itself in a person's life?

Barry: We've practically come full circle around the wheel of the zodiac, and now we're at the 'top' of the natural chart. Capricorn is a Cardinal/Earth sign. One saying that I like to associate with Capricorn Midheaven is, "You came here on planet earth to do, be or realize something. What is it? Rehearsal is over. Now is the time."

So with all Cardinal signs it's about doing, and as an Earth sign, it's about doing that here on the earth itself. I see Capricorn as one of the more spiritual signs because those of us who are more realized about our true spiritual nature are those of us who are trying to bring whatever that is about our transcendent nature to earth, incarnate, here and now. Capricorn MC's desire to bring that essence or 'perfection' to earth through their work always wish to have one of those perfect days, where you say, do, speak, think and act in a way that represents the highest potential (Capricorn is the 'highest' sign on the natural zodiacal wheel) of who you are as a spiritual being with an earth body and all the rest of us that is earth-bound and earth-concerned.. Of course this can also be framed in terms of a week, month, year, three years or an entire lifetime.

This need to 'be all you can be' is found nowhere more focused and intense than through the Capricorn MC. Then I also think that God/dess also has a sense of humor, or at least a need to test us out to see how much of that transcendent nature is really here or not. We get these tests when things happen to us that do not (and cannot) make sense to us or anyone else in terms of a strictly 'time and space' point of view. Another way of saying this is that bad things happen to good people and I don't care how you slice it, things just don't make sense. For example, a nine year old girl dies at the hands of a drunk driver, etc. You know what I'm talking about. It is circumstances like these that test the Capricorn MC. And if Capricorn Midheaven attempts to try to 'answer' such things without what we would call a 'larger perspective' such a person will become bitter, judgmental and caught on this earth plane of pain and suffering like no other. It'll even put Scorpio MC's to shame.

So what's the antidote? That depends on the person. But in some way, such a person should not--and really cannot--shirk from whatever deep sense of responsibility about what they should do about their misfortune. Highest types are people that have really been to hell and come back perhaps more than a little scarred, but that light is still coming out of their eyes. It hasn't been blanketed by their own pain, suffering or the 'wrongs' of others and of the world itself. This is a heavy order to have had been laid on a person. They are enmeshed in and on earth like no other. And they have to find their own way to get through it. And you get through it, buy getting through it. The way you get out of here, to heaven, is to go through here, the earth. You can't go around thinking you can get to heaven (if it exists) by that route. That would be cheating. Yes, Capricorn MC's will get a little beat up on the way, but do they have the resolve, determination and drive to see it through with every bit of strength they can muster in the time that they have here on earth. These are great mentors to have in your life because they will give their last drop of blood so that when their time passes, when their time has run out, that baton is given to those who stand waiting for their turn here on earth.

Janet: Oh my gosh, Barry, I can't believe how accurate this is! As I mentioned, I have Capricorn on the Midheaven, and what you say is so true! When my first husband contracted leukemia as a young man, for example, it made absolutely no sense to anyone...least of all me. I was so damn mad at God while my husband was sick! How dare the heavens allow such awful things happen to such a "spiritual" young man who dedicated his love to others and the ministry?!

But you know, no book got me out of that. In fact, if I wouldn't have had an amazing experience of grace the day before he died and the day his funeral (and beyond), it would be very likely I'd be quite embittered and jaded. Your wisdom that there's not getting 'out of' except for 'through' are words I, myself, have said to others--wisdom borne of experience! (And of trying a million other things that didn't give me a short cut out of difficult experiences!)

Here I am, almost 34 years old, and many have said to me "Man, you've been to hell and back. A few times, actually!" It sure has felt like it!

I have a question: it's funny that you bring up the concept of "doing" with a Capricorn Midheaven, especially in terms of wanting to bring spiritual "fruit" into the Earth. This is exactly me. The times that I find myself doubting my purpose has been, ironically, when I've come into contact with books that talk about "being in the now" and "not being a human doing but a human being". Yet, when I try to "chill" so to speak, I felt almost like I'm wasting time. As if I'm squandering my enthusiasm, idealism, and can-do-ism on just sitting around. (Relaxation has its place...I understand that.)

What would be your advice to we Cap MC's about "doing", especially since many sacred texts and other books focus on the inner life and "being"? Do we just chuck that kind of advice? I admit, I've been chucking it lately, because it doesn't feel "right" to me in terms of life purpose!

Barry: Capricorn is an earth sign so we look to body signals, since our bodies are the supreme expression of life here on earth. In terms of your question, keep going until your body begins (if at all) to give you signals. Then chill. And when you feel right and rested again, go get 'em!

Janet: Great advice, Barry! Thanks so much for once again sharing your knowledge of the Midheaven and answering my questions.

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