Astrology - Midheaven in Gemini
This is a continuation of my interview with astrologer Barry Cowger as we discuss the purpose of the Midheaven (MC) in an astrological chart, as well as how each of the 12 signs expresses itself at the MC. This article addresses the Gemini Midheaven.

Janet: So let's discuss the Gemini Midheaven. How does this airy, communicative sign express itself at the MC?

Barry: Like Taurus, Gemini is also a sign that is rational and practical. The logical mind rules here and Gemini MC types need to know that their ideas -or what they are about to learn and understand will have applications in the real world. Of course, the other side of Gemini is simply the love of learning. So, in keeping with the nature of Gemini, a dualistic sign, we have to at least consider very two distinct, and separate, lines of development for the Gemini MC person. One side can be very rational, practical ruled by facts, numbers, formulas, logical sequences in doing things. And the other side can be off in space, an interest in things that don't seem to be related or would have any real value or application in the world; a seemingly endless string of ideas that really interest the Gemini MC person, but few others can piece together much less understand. Granted these are two extremes, but all Gemini MC people will fall somewhere within these parameters.

Since it is the MC where the individual must begin to actualize his or her destiny within the social sphere, to begin to master their relationship to the larger world of society and their place within it, to gain some degree of control over it with respect to their own efforts, I think it was a Gemini MC person who coined the phrase, "Knowledge is power." To know something or to think that you know something implies that you have gained some degree of understanding. You have some knowledge. Power and authority are words we associate with the MC.  So a Gemini MC person would feel pretty comfortable with that phrase, provided they think they know something about something! 

Naturally, a Gemini MC person, being a curious type by nature, is always building upon their own intellectual frameworks. Their mental building blocks are always being moved here or there—mostly just to see how it looks or whether that leads them to somewhere (or someplace) else. But once they feel secure, that they have found a place in the world, their mind energy is often turned inward—either to know more about what they have settled upon or to dig deeper into the mental process itself. In other words breadth gives way to depth. So you there’s an introverted Gemini energy, as well—very much so sometimes. 

Janet: Sounds like Gemini on the Midheaven lends itself to being a Jack/Jill-of-all-trades!

Barry: I like to call Gemini MC people 'the messenger'. In other words, they are here to tell the world something. To share what they know with others. To be able to relate to a diversity of types (or have a great deal of knowledge about many things) and to get across to others what they feel that it is important for others to know, learn, or understand.  Yes, there can be the 'Jack or Jane or all trades, master at none syndrome.' Talents at many things yet not able to make a living or hold down a job for too long. But sooner or later if the Gemini MC person keeps working, learning and moving forward, they will find what they are looking for and become satisfied with what they have learn about themselves and life in general.

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