Astrology - Midheaven in Sagittarius
This is a continuation of my interview with astrologer Barry Cowger as we discuss the purpose of the Midheaven (MC) in an astrological chart, as well as how each of the 12 signs expresses itself at the MC. This article addresses the Sagittarius Midheaven.

Janet: Barry, how does this particular MC placement affect an individual?

Barry: Sagittarius Midheaven people are searching for their place in the 'big plan' of life. From birth, many Sag MC’s have a sense or a feeling about what they are going to do when they grow up. Others will have experiences that tell them, in a very specific way, what they will be doing in life; they just know it. This is great because who of us would not like that kind of surety about our lives. This would be a gift for sure.  On the other hand, other Sag MC people will go in search of the world over in order to find what it is that they 'know' will be their destiny. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read "I'm not lost, I’m still wandering”. So appropriate for this placement! 

So really, on the other hand, this can be a kind of curse (I say that lightly, but there is some truth to this) to find what it is that such a person knows they must find in order to be fulfilled in terms of their social contribution. Yes, you have born teachers here; you have people who are meant to guide one other person or many people in this life.  But you also have those who really cannot say who and what they will be when they 'grow up' because this Jupiter ruled MC person's 'classroom of life' is forever growing, changing, expanding and evolving. This drives some of us crazy, because to us such a person never seems to land. In a sense such people are explorers, who are driven by the promise of the future and what could be. So if you understand that about Sagittarius MC people, you have a good handle on what often drives them to the ends of the earth, and toward the limits of current collective/world knowledge. 

One of the main drawbacks of this sign on the MC is that they may have problems living in the present, because they are so future oriented. So one good thing is to have them reflect on all they have done, all the good they have done, and to help them appreciate the present moment with everything they have in their lives right now.  Many feel as if they have to 'make up' for the losses and missed opportunities that others have had, or have had to endure. So, living in the present, as simple as it sounds, is not that easy. Here you are dealing with the psychological principle of compensation.

Talking about Sag as the teacher/guide archetype, there is no better teacher than the present moment. Everything you need to know, or anything you want to know can be known as we abide in the present.  This takes some skill on our part for sure. Living in the moment sounds easy, but it is actually more difficult than we think. 'Being present' is the popular phrase. So when this sign is on the MC, such people need to hone their 'sign seeing' abilities. But we also need to be aware of the human tendency to think we see a 'sign' because we feel that we need to --and right now!  So things that are 'meant to be' may in fact come true, but they often come to us in ways that we didn't expect nor at the time that we expected it. So in this way, life is forever teaching the Sag MC person to look and see what may be real 'signs', but not to create 'signs' because they 'know' they are meant to do something special in this life.

Whenever I see a Sag MC chart, I think to myself, Now what kind of hide-and-seek love-games is God/dess going to be playing with this individual about their life path  that will help them to remember that I love them that and I am always here for them I know that's not very poetic but it gets to the root of the issue that whether it's 'good' or 'bad' that we are never alone and that it's all in the playing.   

Janet: I totally agree about the present moment being the best teacher. What a task, though, as you say! In addition to Teacher/Guide, it seems that Sag MC also has a Seeker Archetype. Would this be accurate?

Barry: Sagittarius Midheaven would be one signature that would suggest the Seeker. But of course, there are many others.

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