Astrology - Midheaven in Virgo
This is a continuation of my interview with astrologer Barry Cowger as we discuss the purpose of the Midheaven (MC) in an astrological chart, as well as how each of the 12 signs expresses itself at the MC. This article addresses the Aries Midheaven.

Janet:  Let's turn our attention to the Virgo Midheaven. How does that manifest itself in a person's chart?

Barry: Virgo on the MC is a sign that is in fact about the 'big picture'. What we experience through Virgo is that somehow we often have a sense of 'perfection'--but it is fragmented through the prism of in terms of the human ego. What we experience are all kinds of things within ourselves and out in the world that need to be aligned, adjusted and 'corrected' so that we our proper role, function, or work in society can be fulfilled.

This is an interesting sign on the MC because nowadays, with all the jobs (Virgo) being lost on a mass scale (there seems to be some small changes in a positive way as of this writing), many people are having an increased sense of being blocked of not having many avenues in which to pursue their proper work in life.  Others can see the crisis on the job front yet another door closing in their face, before another one opens.  Virgo MC people live with the following dynamic: How is it that I can fulfill the role in life that I know I'm slated for, yet not get to the point where I'm 'selling out' just to make a living or to get by on a marginal basis?

Most Virgo MC people usually have a sense that something is in fact 'missing' from their professional lives--that they are not fulfilling their full potential. Keep in mind that this is in 'yin' or feminine sign.  As such, people who have this on the MC need to be inner directed.  In one context, it's all about one's attitude towards work, not what one is doing in terms of objective standards. In other words, you can have a janitor who is highly, spiritually evolved, yet is simply doing his/her work humbly; yet, a lot can be happening in, and around, this individual in terms of anyone who would happen to come into contact with such an individual. 

The effect that such a person can have on others can be profound. We all know of such individuals.  They just 'do their thing' but somehow you remember such people as having some kind of indescribable 'aura' around them.  Hardship? Yes, often that as well. Yet, always with an inner grace and poise that is truly humbling to those who have any kind of meaningful contact with them. 

Janet: Yes, I certainly know what you're talking about regarding humble people we often come across who profoundly touch us.

Barry, can you clarify about Virgo being about "the big picture"? I thought that the MidHeaven, by virtue of its position, is about the "big picture" of our life, especially in terms of vocation and calling. Or am I mistaken?

Barry: Leo MC would see it that way, surely! But to answer your question, no. Virgo has the subconscious sense of so-called perfection. On a personal level, Virgo is trying to achieve that which is impossible--an ideal--on the earth plane. So they try to make the world a better place, and settle for that. But the experience of perfection is better sought on planes not physical. Then, with that vision, Virgo MC can work toward the 'big picture.'

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