Mommy Yoga - The 50 Stretches of Motherhood by Julie Tilsner
“Any mom who’s tried to answer the phone while nursing the baby and keeping the toddler out of the oven is a Mommy Yoga practitioner. Any mom who’s ever carried three small children, a gallon of milk, and a jumbo bag of diapers across a crowded parking lot is a Mommy Yoga enthusiast.” – From the book

As any Mom knows, bending, stretching, and contorting are all in a day’s work. Whether doing the Monkey, the Kangaroo, or the popular Don’t Make Me Stop This Car, Moms naturally morph into the roles her little ones need (demand!), and in the process, strike amusingly awkward poses.

Mommy Yoga: The 50 Stretches of Motherhood is a hilarious hardcover book by Julie Tilsner that highlights the overextensions Moms face every day. Lavish, colorful illustrations by Susan McKenna accompany Tilsner’s humorous prose, providing comic release for harried Moms.

Some of the poses you’ll find in Mommy Yoga include:

Downward Fish With feet firmly planted on the floor, bend at the waist and extend your arms into the toilet bowl. Scoop out all plastic toys. Rinse as needed.

No GoDressed and ready to go to an appointment, hold baby on your hip and thrust one leg out the front door with confidence that, today, you’ll be on time. Freeze and hold when baby suddenly throws up all over herself and you. Breathe through your mouth. Regard now-smiling baby and turn, slowly, until you’re back inside. Resolve to repeat pose in fresh clothes, or finish up by reaching into your purse for your cell phone.

Horse/Downward-Facing FrogStart on your hands and knees, eyes looking down. Lower your body to the floor to allow one child onto your back for Horse pose. Let their weight smash you to the floor with your arms and legs splayed. Hold for 5 minutes or until your spouse comes (to) your rescue.

Laugh-out-loud in some parts, the book Mommy Yoga serves as a delightful tribute to the balancing act of Motherhood. Moms of young children will no doubt think or say “Oh my God, that is so true!” At least, I did!

This would make a lovely gift for new Moms, as well as a gift for Mother’s Day. Mom’s of small children will be amused no matter *what* holiday or occasion it’s received!

Note: I was all set to give this book 5 stars, but while reviewing it, I noticed that the Horse/Downward Yoga page omits the word “to”, which I put in parenthesis above. It’s a shame that this charming book is marred by such a glaring editorial oversight.

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