Mother God - Sylvia Browne
“Why has every culture had the female principle except for the continents of North America and parts of South America? Is it because these were the main areas targeted by missionaries? Like the angels that have pervaded every culture, Mother God was also part of every civilization—until some religions like Christianity tried to suppress Her.” – From the book

Prolific bestselling author Sylvia Browne tackles the subject of the Divine Feminine in her book Mother God: The Feminine Principle to Our Creator. Taking readers through literature, art, history, religious tradition, and sacred texts, Sylvia explains the many faces of Mother God and why She has likely been suppressed from Western culture (e.g. “history is written by the [male] conquerors”).

Sylvia also shares insights about “Azna” (Browne’s name for the Divine Feminine) provided by her spirit guide, Francine, as well as moving stories and miracles from fellow ministers, congregants, and readers—even skeptics. Apparently, belief in Mother God seems to have no bearing on the comfort, provision, and miracles delivered to supplicants, she writes.

In addition to historical facts, stories, and letters about Mother God, Sylvia also provides several prayers and meditations, in addition to answering oft-asked questions about the nature of evil and the role of Azna. For example, she answers questions about talking to Azna, why She seems to send flowers as confirmation of heard prayers, and why She is symbolized by a sword (something I’ve not heard of before.)

After reading Father God—which left much to be desired—I didn’t expect too much from the book Mother God. However, I was very much surprised at the warmth conveyed by the stories as well as Sylvia's obvious love for the co-Creator. Although Sylvia and her ministers have researched Biblical, Gnostic, and literary texts, Mother God (and any book I’ve read by Sylvia) is NOT a scholarly work. If you’re looking for original, scholarly work on the Divine Feminine, you’ll have to read works by Elaine Pagels, Karen Armstrong, Bart D. Ehrman, and others.

I have a bit of a problem with how Sylvia anthropomorphizes the Divine by casting them in a perfect Father/perfect Mother role. She criticizes humanizing God (such as painting Father God as vengeful, capricious and jealous), but then projects all that is “good” onto them. Does the Divine really function as a “parent”? What makes one emotional state “good” and another “bad”—especially in terms of the Divine? Does God “rescue” individuals from accidents and death? If so, does this make He/She “good”? And what if a person gets ill and dies—does that mean God is indifferent or cruel? Sylvia acknowledges that Father and Mother are a “symbol” (page 3) and that the Divine “can’t be divided” (page 5), but I suppose in a dualistic Universe, it’s natural to project dualism on the Creator (except for bad behavior or “evil” actions, which Sylvia says God cannot do.)

There some misspellings in this book (prevaded instead of pervaded), as well as one gross error. On page 46, she writes:

“If your mind closes and you become a zealot, you are headed for occultism, which, as we all know, can lead to drinking Kool-Aid with Jim Jones.”

The correct term is CULTISM. A cult—which seeks to control and isolate members—is entirely different from the OCCULT. The word “occult”, a word sadly misaligned due to ignorance, merely means “Beyond the bounds of ordinary knowledge; mysterious”. In many circles, the Divine Feminine would be considered “occultic” because it’s existence has been “hidden” from public view for many years. (See my article The Occult, found on my site in the Articles section.)

Despite some of these questionable assertions and errors, Mother God is very nice introduction to the Divine Feminine, especially for Christians who are beginning to realize that there’s a lot more to spirituality than the hellfire and brimstone self-righteousness fed to them by religious leaders.

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Content copyright © by Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. This review was written by Janet Boyer. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.

Content copyright © by Janet Boyer. All rights reserved. This review was written by Janet Boyer. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission.