“Alchemists have always known that understanding life, like discovering chemical formulas, is an experimental process…When you use The Mystic Messenger to help you transform your life, you become a part of the unbroken chain of those who have tried their best to enlighten themselves and the world with kindness, compassion, and understanding.” – From the companion book

Arguably their most comprehensive and pointed “Spiritual Power Tool” to date, The Mystic Messenger divination system by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber offers 11,800 alchemy formulas for insight on any question or concern utilizing the alchemical wisdom of the four elements.

Easy to use and fun to experience, the Mystic Messenger combines four 11-sided numbered, color-coded dice, each corresponding to the four elements—Fire (red), Air (white), Water (blue) and Earth (green). A Wire-O bound split-page book holds eleven bookmark-sized alchemical “formulas” for each element (44 in all). Coupled with each alchemical formula by Monte is one of Amy’s gorgeous collage tapestries—some of her best work yet, in my opinion!

After asking your question or stating your concern, simply roll the four dice and match the number and color with the corresponding card on the flip-book, which is designed to stand upright if you wish (very handy for keeping a four-faceted personal alchemical message in sight for contemplation, prayer and encouragement).

The alchemical insights offered on each of the cards are no mere keywords or trite feel-good phrases. No, each of the eighty-eight possible formulas (with almost 12,000 possible combinations) is approximately 80-word nuggets of perennial truths, philosophical perspectives, and spiritual guidance. An introductory 19-page booklet that gives two separate examples on alchemical formula interpretation also accompanies this kit.

Startling accurate, the Mystic Messenger provided incredible advice to me the first time I used it. I asked a very important question, one that dealt with a recent sudden job offer to become Vice President of a company that, if accepted, would alter the focus of my vocational pursuits and very likely, my life and that of my family.

Further complicating this decision was the knowledge that the President is terminally ill, and that the job offer was a way for me to carry on her legacy and make sure her human potential project made it to the masses.

Seven year prior, I presented the same idea solutions and talents I have now and, for the work I would be doing, would have been more at the “top of my game” then. But, for some reason, what I brought to the table was either not realized or not a good fit at the time.

Now, with my first book coming out and other writing obligations tethering me to the exciting world of Tarot, my heart is just not into that other path. So I asked the Mystic Messenger for some insight (talk about a demanding test run for this kit!).

The answer I received was:

• Fire Ruby (Fire/Action)
• Weather Vane (Air/Idea)
• Snowflake (Water/Emotion)
• Meteorite (Earth/Path)

I won’t get into details, but let me tell you—the alchemical formulas were scary accurate! The Fire Ruby confirmed that I was to continue on my present course for “all is going as it should be”, while the Snowflake counseled that I needed to retain cool, emotional detachment at this time, a “necessary defense against our emotions’ natural tendency to overwhelm us.” (And a job offer from a terminally-ill person does, indeed, challenge the emotions!)

Entertaining yet discerning, the Mystic Messenger kit by metaphysicians Monte Farber and Amy Zerner confirms your innate intuitive knowledge, guides you towards your highest good and answers your most pressing questions using the ancient wisdom of the four elements disguised as a modern, accessible oracle.

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