Mythic Oracle of the Ancient Greek Pantheon – Artwork by Michele-lee Phelan; Messages by Carisa Mellado
“The Greek Myths are the stories of mankind. They are the stories of human nature, human cycles and the nature of the divine and it is through the symbols and metaphors of these stories that we can come to better understand ourselves and our own internal processes.” – From the companion book to the Mythic Oracle

Curtains of water cascade downward as Poseidon’s robe, while the right side of Hephaestus glows with cooling lava. Demeter is expressed in both the Mother archetype and as the Harvest, while the three Moirae spin, measure and cut the Destiny of humanity.

In what is arguably the most lifelike and richly rendered artwork of any oracle/Tarot deck (lusciously illustrated by artist Michele-lee Phelan), the Mythic Oracle of the Ancient Greek Pantheon quakes with relatable, recognizable archetypes from familiar myths as well as those that surround us in modern living.

Consisting of mostly Olympian and Titan Gods and Goddesses—with several Magical Beings and Heroes rounding out the mythological cast—the Mythic Oracle of the Ancient Greek Pantheon are numbered 1-45, depicting each character, name, and keyword. Some cards are devoted to various expressions of a particular Gods or Goddesses.

For example, Card 26 shows Hermes associated with Messages, while Card 27 shows the winged-helmeted god in respect to Travel. Eros represents Desire in Card 30, while he portrays Sacred Union in Card 31.

These sizable cards measure approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches, with a glossy, durable finish. The non-reversible card backing features a mythological beast carved within a circle, muted brown and rusty yellows rounding out the motif.

The 120-page companion book to the Mythic Oracle of the Ancient Greek Pantheon provides a myth for each card, as well as an in-depth message. Author Carisa Mellado, an expert on mythology, provides probing yet relevant meanings and questions for individuals to ponder. She also presents three excellent six-card spreads for use with this deck (or any oracle/Tarot deck): the Cycle Spread, Hero’s Journey Spread, and the Archetype Spread. 

I’ve used the Mythic Oracle several times and found it to be wonderfully revealing and insightful—and very accurate! I’ve even used these cards for contemplation and affirmation (especially after one-card spreads). I think this particular deck would also be excellent for writers (for plotting, brainstorming, characterization, etc.), as well as for therapists seeking engaging tools to help their clients understand the stories they live by.

Just a few of the legendary figures feature in this deck include:

• Prometheus – Sacrifice
• Mnemosyne – Inspiration
• Eos – New Beginnings
• Hera – Duty
• Pan – Sexuality
• Ares – Battle
• Athena – Wisdom
• Dionysus – Freedom
• Hebe – Play
• Chiron – Healing
• Pandora – Hope
• Hecate – Crossroads
• Orpheus – Faith
• Perseus - Courage

I was floored to read in the companion book that not only is Phelan a self-taught artist, but also that she’s only been painting since 2000. Incredible! (Those who admire Phelan’s work might remember that she painted the gorgeous Oracle of the Dragonfae deck, also from Blue Angel Gallery).

Those who have an affinity with the Greek Pantheon will absolutely want to get this deck, as would those who enjoy the familiar, dramatic tales of Greek mythology. The dynamic artwork of the Mythic Oracle communicates subtle yet profound truths, and the imagery serves as intuitive shortcut to the unconscious, shrouded aspect of ourselves that beg for illumination.

Highly recommended!

Below are 16 images from the Mythic Oracle of the Ancient Greek Pantheon:

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