New Year Special - Your Forecast 2006
New Year Reading $35 (Regularly $45)
Your Birthdate + Numerology + Tarot

This 12 card reading is similar to the AstroTarot Forecast, except that a Tarot card is drawn for each month of 2006, starting with January. This reading gives you an overview of the energies you'll likely experience over the next 12 months.

Using your date of birth (day, month and year), I'll calculate your personal year and months for 2006 and interpret the Tarot cards in light of this vibration. For example, should the Strength card come up, it would be interpreted differently in a 1 month compared to a 9 month.

This special is valid until December 31, 2005. Readings will be sent via email in a Word Document within 5 working days depending on volume of orders and barring unforeseen circumstances like illness or computer problems.
What does 2006 hold in store for you?