Numerology - Your Personal Year, Month and Day
It is believed we can live in harmony according to numerology. Thus, to know the numerological aspects of our birth date and name is to have a starting point for divination with this system.

Calculating Your Personal Year, Month, and Day

Universal Year - The current year is called a Universal Year, and its vibration is in operation for everyone. For example, 2004 would be reduced to its numerological significance like this:


So 2004 will be a #6 Universal Year.

Your Personal Year - To calculate your personal year vibrational number, you add your birth month and birth day to the Universal year. Here is an example using my birthday, which is November 6, and the year 2004:

11 (November is the 11th month)
6 (The day)
6 (For the Universal Year number for 2004)
23 is the total.

Now, in numerology, all double digits are reduced to one digit by adding them together except for 11 and 22. Those numbers are considered "Master Numbers". Since 23 was the total, I would add 2+3 and get 5. My Personal Year Number is #5.

Personal Month - To find your personal numeric vibration for the current month, you would add your Personal Year number to the current calendar month. Using the previous example, my Personal Year is #5. At the time this article was written, it is the month of January. So:

5 (My Personal Year)
1 (The first month, January)
6 is the total.

This would mean that January 2004 is a #6 personal month for me. Remember, though, to reduce any double digits to one number. For example, if this month were November (the 11th month), you would reduce November's number to 2. (1+1)

Personal Day - To find your Personal number vibration on a day to day basis, you add your Personal Month number to the current calendar day. Using my birthday as an example once again:

6 (My Personal Month)
1 (Today is the 1st)
7 is the total.

This means that today is a #7 Personal Day for me.

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