Numerology - Numbers, Colors and Gemstones
After you have calculated your Personal Numbers, you can then be aware of the vibrational elements that are at work in your life. You may choose to focus on specific elements associated with your Personal Numbers, and even integrate the themes in your meditations, mindfulness, and prayers.

Number 1
Color/s: Red
Gem/s: Ruby
Key Word: Beginnings

Number 2
Color/s: Orange
Gem/s: Moonstone
Key Word: Cooperate

Number 3
Color/s: Yellow
Gem/s: Topaz
Key Word: Enjoyment

Number 4
Color/s: Green
Gem/s: Emerald/Jade
Key Word: Practical

Number 5
Color/s: Blue
Gem/s: Turquoise/Aquamarine
Key Word: Change

Number 6
Color/s: Indigo (Navy Blue)
Gem/s: Pearl/Sapphire/Lapis
Key Word: Responsibility

Number 7
Color/s: Purple/Violet
Gem/s: Amethyst
Key Word: Faith

Number 8
Color/s: Beige/Brown/Pink
Gem/s: Diamond
Key Word: Achievement

Number 9
Color/s: All Pastels
Gem/s: Opals/Gold
Key Word: Completion

Number 11/2
Color/s: Black/White or Pearl Gray
Gem/s: Silver
Key Word: Intuition

Number 22/4
Color/s: Coral/Russet
Gem/s: Coral/Copper
Key Word: Greatness

About Master Numbers

When you calculate your personal numbers, 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and are not to be reduced to a single digit. This is what author Louise Hay says about Master Numbers in her book Colors and Numbers: Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life:

"They indicate that you are being given an opportunity to operate for that period on higher vibration. You are more in tune at this time with higher, more universal principles operating in your world and in the world as a whole. Write them as 11/2 or 22/4 so that you are reminded that you have a choice of being the 2 or reaching up to the 11, or a 4 reaching for 22. For instance, the 2 follows the leader; the 11 is the leader. The 4 works for the self; the 22 works for the community."

The above Color, Number, Gem, and Key Word chart is from the book Colors and Numbers: Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life

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