Numerology - Numbers and Their Meanings
Numerology has been an integral part of ancient mystical and religious tradition. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who is often considered the father of numerology, felt that numbers were the ultimate elements of the Universe. Up until the Renaissance, architects used mystical numbers to construct churches, believing that certain numerical systems enhanced an experience with God.

Numbers are found everywhere: house numbers, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, calendars, bank accounts, credit cards, and so on. Our birthdates and birth times have numbers, too, and these numbers are believed to hold specific vibrational frequencies with specific meanings. Even years, months, and days have specific vibrations that influence our lives.

Numerology as a form of Divination can yield great insight into life questions about destiny, relationships, hidden traits and talents, and more.

There are several good books on the market about Numerology where you can find in-depth information on the numbers and their meanings, such as Your Magickal Name, Simple Numerology, and Colors and Numbers. Here is a brief overview of numbers 1-9:

One – Will: Individuality
Two – Peace: Cooperation
Three – Creativity: Self Expression
Four – Work: Discipline
Five – Freedom: Change
Six – Service: Responsibility
Seven – Wisdom: Detachment
Eight – Power: Authority
Nine – Compassion: Altruism

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