Observations in the Woods - Wayne Kelling
”Observations in the Woods is a heartfelt musical journey through the beauty, the sadness, the magic, and the majesty that exists within the depths and the boundaries of the forest.” –Wayne Kelling

Musician Wayne Kelling has never been so inspired to the point of “hearing” the music before it was written. The process of creating his recently released debut album Observations in the Woods had a profound affect on him, especially since he composed, played, recorded, and mixed the music himself.

Wayne’s background includes 45 years playing piano, 34 years playing acoustic guitar, and 8 years playing drums. Growing up with a piano in the house, everyone in his family got involved I making music “happen”. His first experience with the acoustic guitar was in 1970 where he bought one for $5 in South Vietnam and fell in love with its sound.

With a run-time of 39:14, Observations in the Woods is an instrumental CD which features 15 compositions:

At the Edge of the Forest
2. Dance of the Dewdrops
Sunrise on North Face
A Leaf on the Wind
Morning Flowers
Faces in the Pond – Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
An Eagle Soars By
The Last Flight of the Butterfly
From Here To There (The Ascension of Christ)
As the Sun Falls
I must Say Goodbye
Movin’ On

At the Edge of the Forest begins the CD with anticipatory and reverent synthesizers, while Dance of the Dewdrops evokes the sound, feel and sight of gently falling drops of water. Sunrise on the North Face continues with synthesizers picking up where song 1 left off. A Leaf on the Wind beckons with gentle piano, and songs 6-9 features a quiet mixture of piano and synthesizer.

The Last Flight of the Butterfly combines piano and acoustic guitar, with background synthesizers. On From Here To There (The Ascension of Christ) gently swelling synthesizers hint of something magnificent taking place—ascension—then the ethereal sounds fade into quietude. As the Sun Falls is subdued—almost somber—suggesting a sense of wistfulness. I Must Say Goodbye starts with notes of farewell, then flows into acoustic guitar reminiscent of a harpsichord—taking time to say what needs to be said with calm finality. This relaxing CD ends with the hopeful Movin’ On, where acoustic guitar and soaring synthesizers travel to yet another appointed place on the journey—a journey full of hope, wonderment, and stillness.

Observations in the Woods is a joy to listen to. Each composition can stand alone, but together, there is superb thematic continuity both technically and aesthetically. This instrumental CD so soothing, the first time I put it in the CD player for my husband to listen to, he fell asleep! The relaxing compositions are wonderfully appropriate for prayer, spiritual reading, meditation, massage, or other contemplative, healing practice.

Wayne relates this poignant moment when his father first heard this CD: ”How humbling it has been to see tears in my father’s eyes, knowing it was not from the pride of a father for his son, but from the depth of emotion that this music stirred in him. Somehow, for me, it makes all the years of work worthwhile.”

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