Palm Reading - The Mounts

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy or palm reading, is divination involving the shape and size of the hand. The lines on the hand, as well as the muscle areas (known as mounds), are also studied and analyzed. Palmistry has been used for thousands of years, and over 2,500 years ago, Aristotle wrote a book on it for Alexander the Great. In the 15th century, many of the mystical arts were condemned as witchcraft, including palm reading.  Unfortunately many who practiced this art were killed, persecuted, or went into hiding at the time.
A Mount of Jupiter
B Mount of Saturn
C Mount of Apollo
D Mount of Mercury
E Lower Mount of Mars
F Plain of Mars
G Upper Mount of Mars
H Mount of Venus
Mount of Neptune
J Mount of the Moon
The Mounts in Palmistry correlate with the planets of Astrology. The firmer the mounts are, the more pronounced the qualities of a particular Mount.

A Mount of Jupiter This mount is found at the base of the index finger. It indicates ambition, pride, leadership ability, and self esteem. Some say the size of this mount reflects this size of the ego.

B Mount of Saturn This mount is found at the base of the middle finger. It reflects the individual’s attitude towards duty, work, traditionalism, and conscientiousness.

C Mount of Apollo This mount, found belong the ring finger, and reflects the individual’s desire for fame and fortune— as well as enthusiasm and people skills.

D Mount of Mercury This mount, found below the pinky finger, indicates communication skills, ability to interact with others, and spontaneity.

E Lower Mount of Mars Also known as the Inner Mount of Mars, this mount reflects a person’s argumentative tendencies, as well as their ability to stand up for themselves. Active, outgoing personal traits are also indicated as well as aggression and physical courage.

F Plain of Mars This section on the center of the palm indicates the pliability of the personality. When this mount is spongy, it indicates that the individual is easily influenced by others—and often is a poor judge of character. A firm mount indicates that the person “knows” who they are.

G Upper Mount of Mars Also known as the Outer Mount of Mars, this mount reflects moral courage and fortitude, self-control, and level of endurance.

H Mount of Venus This mount reflects the Venusian qualities of love and romance, as well as empathy and generosity of spirit.

I Mount of Neptune This mount indicates the individual’s attitude towards nature and natural solutions, as well as attitudes on public speaking.

J Mount of the Moon Also known as the Mount of Luna, this mount indicates the level of emotional sensitivity and intuitive abilities. It also reflects the feminine side of our nature.

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