Parabola Magazine
Parabola is a quarterly journal that's one of the pioneering publications on the subject of myth and tradition. Every issue explores one of the facets of human existence from the point of view of as many of the world's religious and spiritual traditions as possible, through the prism of story and symbol, myth, ritual, and sacred teachings.

Why are we here? and What's the meaning of life? are two of the oldest questions posed by humanity, and Parabola covers the spectrum of the mystical, psychological, anthropological while exploring these age-old questions.

Parabola covers a specific topic theme every issue. For example, one issue's theme was Chaos and Order and featured articles like:

*A Celtic Mandala (which looks at an archetype of order)
*A Hymn by Thomas Moore (honoring the positive attributes of disorder)
*Monsters, Children of Chaos (about what lurks in the dark deep).

Past journal themes that have been explored include:

*Riddle and Mystery: Questions With Answers, Questions Without Answers
*Dying: Ending or the Beginning of Transformation?
*Play and Work: Struggle and Relaxion in the Search for Meaning
*The Knight and The Hermit: Heroes of Action and Reflection
*Prison: Inner and Outer Confinement.

The issue on Friendship features pieces such as:

*A gathering of Sufi and Medieval Welsh poems with commentary from Coleman Barks
*Gehlek Rimpoche describing the qualities of the sangha
*Hazrat Inayat Khan speaks on the spirits of agitation and of brotherhood
*Kate Chadbourne follows a Welsh prince into the Underworld and finds an unexpected friendship
*A tribute to the late Lakota elder and activist Tony Black Feather
*Retellings of stories from the Hindu, Jewish, and Native American traditions

If you enjoy the likes of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes--as well as myth, symbols, meaning, and culture--you'll find Parabola Magazine a feast for mind and spirit.

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