Pendulums and the Light - Diane Stein
According to author Diane Stein, pendulums can be used for just about anything: finding lost objects, energy diagnostics, job selection, locating a place to live, driving directions, healing, and even karma clearing.

Pendulum use is a form of dowsing that has been used for thousands of years for purposes such as divination, water and mine location, and even for war strategy. In her  book Pendulums And The Light - Communication With The Goddess, the author explains how to attain a high rate of accuracy in using pendulums. If pendulums have proved frustrating to you, a wealth of remedies are provided for optimizing your dowsing experience. Maintaining that pendulums work via a fragile system of thought, neuromusculature, and partnership with a Light Being, Stein stressed the importance of a still and focused mind--which is greatly enhanced by meditation.

Keeping the pendulum energetically cleared (and making sure it's cleared), dedicating it to a Light Being, practicing mental focus, learning how to discern "yes" and "no" responses, and dowsing in quietude are some of the ways to get the most out of your pendulum experience. Stein gives detailed information on each of these recommendations and also provides a thorough troubleshooting section--addressing 25 different reasons why a pendulum may not work. In fact, she believes observing and applying the information in Pendulums And The Light will result in 95% accuracy with your pendulum for most types of requests, even psychic readings. When asking about the future--something quite tricky with pendulums--she estimates 75% accuracy after employing her suggestions.

Pendulums can be as simple as a button on a string, and Stein dedicates an entire chapter on making and buying pendulums--including what materials make the best conductors of energy. There are also chapters on cleansing your pendulum, dedication to the Light, how to ask questions, using charts, healing, and more.

This book provides practical guidance on getting the most out of your pendulum. Stein's sage advice has helped me figure out some of my own difficulties with pendulum use (including trying to dowse with a 6 year old running around!). There is extensive, immediately useful information in this book.

However, there are a few minor beefs that I have with this book.

The full title of this book is Pendulums And The Light - Communication With The Goddess. Stein does mention working with the goddess that has "joined" with her--Brede--but there is little explanation for some of her statements. For example, according to Stein, goddesses are just now arriving on Earth (?!), and if you connect with 38 or more DNA strands, a god or goddess will join with you as Brede has done with her. She also describes how Brede loves chocolate and loves to shop. One time, Stein walked out of a store with over $40 worth of candles--all because Brede requested them.

Now, I don't actively work with particular goddesses, and I don't mean to offend anyone who does, but the whole idea seemed bizarre to me...especially as Stein goes on and on about Brede. Rather than a goddess, she appears (in print) as a parasite or even a dependent child. I'd much rather have heard about the different goddess energies out there, why Stein believes many aren't here now, and what exactly she believes that goddesses are, how to find one that best matches your personality and purposes, etc. Stein mentions, quite a few times, that further information can be found in her other books, but it seems to me that this book would just have been better off without the extra information about Brede.

Also--and this criticism isn't just about Stein's book--I get the impression that many pendulists use a pendulum for everything. Want to know which book to buy at the store? Use a pendulum. Want to determine which cucumber to buy at the store? (one of the examples used in the book!)...use a pendulum. Want to determine what time the plumber is coming? Use a pendulum. I can't help but have thoughts like "Good grief, why can't you people just use your brain and realize some things don't have to be known...that there are more important things in life than which tangerine to pick in the produce aisle!" I also can't figure out why someone would go to such great lengths to use a tempermental tool when they could just develop their 6th sense (like clairvoyance, for example).

Also, Stein speaks of the "Lords of Karma", Mother Nada, the Divine Director, and a whole host of players in a spiritual hierarchy. I couldn't help but think "OK, so why is this information in this book?" (especially if it's in her other books). I also couldn't help but be confused by the sci-fi-like creatures, the mention of different levels like solar system, galactic, and cosmic--and how to clear karma from these levels. For those who haven't read any of Stein's previous books, this information seems confusing and unnecessary to the subject matter.

Those familiar with Stein's work--and those who have an interest in her Essential Energy Balance techniques--will no doubt love this book. And besides those few niggling irritations I mentioned, I have to say that Pendulums and the Light is the best book I've come across so far for teaching an individual how to select and use a pendulum. The troubleshooting guide is unsurpassed, and will likely empower and encouraged those who have previously been frustrated with pendulum use.

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