Personal Ethics
1. You always have the free will to make different choices—which, in turn, influences your future. This includes your perspectives, beliefs, attitudes, whom you hang out with, where you live or work, and so on.

2. I do not judge you and your circumstances. I give you an honest, compassionate assessment based on what I’m picking up energetically and what the cards are showing. I strive to be objective and address your concerns.

3. I will not tell you what you must do, but will offer you an energetic snapshot of your current situation or the question at hand. I will provide you with options, ideas, and advice (if you ask), but what you do with them is ultimately up to you.

4. I seek to encourage you to trust your own intuition and to empower you to make conscious choices by providing you with missing/needed information. It is unadvisable to be dependent on any reader for continual guidance; to do so is spiritual co-dependency.

5. I do not “peek” into the lives of non-consensual individuals to see what they are thinking or doing. This is spiritual voyeurism. However, I can answer how you can best approach or help an individual, or how to improve communication and situations from your end.

6. I will perform and preserve your reading in strict confidentiality; it is for my eyes and yours alone. (Unless, of course, there is something obviously criminal involved.)

7. If you are having health problems, it is best to seek a qualified health care practitioner. If you are having specific legal issues, it is best to seek the counsel of a lawyer. If you are having serious psychological or addiction issues, it is best to consult a qualified mental health practitioner.

8. I am an ordained minister and former Pentecostal pastor. I am qualified to give you spiritual encouragement and advice—no matter what your particular path. Whether you are monotheistic, polytheistic, or atheistic—I can advise according to your personal framework and understanding.

9. I love to learn, and will continue to study and advance my knowledge of Tarot, metaphysics, and esoteric arts to further enhance my own life, as well as that of my clients.