Positive Energy Practices - How to Attract Uplifting People and Combat Energy Vampires by Dr. Judith Orloff
“It’s very important to set your energy as a priority. Energy is the most important thing you have in the world. “  – From Positive Energy Practices

Have you ever been around a blaming critical person and felt “slimed”? What about constant talkers or drama queens who leave you feeling sapped of energy? According to psychiatrist and intuitive Judith Orloff, there are energy vampires among us and they leave us feeling depleted, weary, and tired. In fact, you may be an energy vampire, too…however unwittingly.

In her 2 CD series Positive Energy Practices: How to Attract Uplifting People and Combat Energy Vampires, Dr. Orloff discusses understanding intuition, optimizing and getting in sync with your energy, identifying the nine types of energy vampires, and using visualization to combat draining people and circumstances.

According to Dr. Orloff, “We’ve become deaf to the voice of our own intuition because our society values the linear, the logical, and the rational. It values pushing and over-achieving and not listening to the body.” She suggests the exact opposite, encouraging listeners to tune in to subtle energy, honoring body signals, and following intuition. A person may look good on paper or in person, but if your gut starts to spasm, your neck starts to tense up, you begin to cross your arms or your breathing becomes shallow, your body is letting you know that something is amiss energetically.

Some of the ideas presented in this audio series include:

• Signs of positive energy
• Signs of negative energy
• The 8 tell-tale signs that you’re an intuitive empath
• Grounding meditation
• Tuning into the energy of a relationship
• Connecting with collective unity

In addition, she describes the nine types of energy vampires:

1. The Sob Sister
2. The Blamer
3. The Drama Queen
4. The Constant Talker/Joke-Teller
5. The Fixer-Upper
6. The Outwardly Nice Socializer
7. The Go-for-the-Jugular Fiend
8. Crowds
9. Unintentional sappers

Orloff explains that most energy vampires aren’t dong this maliciously or consciously. Because of social conditioning or the way they were taught to behave, vampires feel they lack energy and have a subliminal need to feel better about themselves. Thus, they seek energy from others to fill this void.

Her recommendations for dealing with each energy vampire are brief and general, such as visualizing a shield of white light or politely excusing yourself from a conversation.

I can see how Positive Energy Practices can help some people, especially ones that identify with the term “intuitive empath” or “emotional empath”. However, as I was listening to this series, I couldn’t help but think, “Well, it seems to me that the common denominator of all these interactions with ‘vampires’ is…the intuitive empath!” Is everyone else really the problem, or is their a major leak in the energy system of the “empath”?

Dr. Orloff seems to believe that some people are born extra-sensitive and intuitively gifted, so this makes them susceptible to energetic drains from crowds, intimate relationships, co-habitation, strong scents, bright lights, and more. I can certainly understand this, because I’m quite sensitive around too much sensory stimulation, cloying perfumes or colognes, or individuals invading my personal space. But I was surprised that Dr. Orloff seemed to address what’s wrong with “them”, but not addressing the possible energy leaks and weaknesses with the “empath”—including why they end up drawing such people into their lives in the first place.

Granted, she shows individuals how to boost their own positive energy and maintain a calm center, and she is very compassionate towards empaths and vampires alike. She encourages empaths to treat vampires with respect and politeness, but to neutralize them nonetheless. She also applauds individuals who admit to being an energy vampire, saying they’re courageous for seeing and admitting this pattern. While she encourages their healing, she never says how to address long-standing patterns of blame, complaining, dramatizing, and talking.

In many ways, Dr. Orloff’s teaching style is the exact opposite of another energy intuitive and teacher: Caroline Myss. Myss would likely berate the listener, saying that if they’re leaking energy and feeling drained, it’s because there are pieces of them scattered in different time zones with different situations—causing energetic “lead” in the system. They’re not “here” and they’re leaking energy—which could one day lead to illness. In fact, I’ve heard Myss teach that when someone crosses their arms, they’re trying to protect the 3rd chakra power point because they’re not strong enough to hold their own power. So if you want the soft, gentle approach that’s supportive of “highly sensitive” people, you’ll probably enjoy Positive Energy Practices by Dr. Judith Orloff. However, if you like to be hit in the face (or gut) with how weak you are and why you need to shore up your energetic system and self-esteem, try one of the Myss CD series (most are excellent, but she can be a hard pill to swallow for some).

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