Power Animal Oracle Cards - Steven Farmer
“Power animals are spirit guides in animal form. Ancient and indigenous peoples worldwide believe that animal spirit guides, through their spiritual powers, help them in their daily lives by providing protection, guidance, and healing.” – From the companion booklet

Based on the excellent book and CD set of the same name, Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer provides a simple but useful divination tool for accessing guidance from animal spirits. While the book addressed thirty-six animals, the deck features 44 cards including land animals, birds, insects, reptiles, and water creatures.

The eight animals that are not in the book but are in the Power Animal Oracle Cards are:

• Koala
• Monkey
• Salmon
• Badger
• Moose
• Antelope
• Pelican
• Porcupine

Each card features an artistic rendering of the animal along with a title and a brief advisory statement. For example, Cougar encourages confidence with “Be bold and take charge” while Butterfly augurs transformation with “Get ready for a big breakthrough”.

The 120-page companion booklet covers consecrating your deck, clearing unwanted energy, doing readings, accessing intuition, and more. Mr. Farmer shows you how to use the Power Animal Oracle Cards in a variety of ways including reading for others, using the deck as a “lie detector” when on the phone, and invoking a specific animal on an as-needed basis. He also explains the Past/Present/Future reading, as well as how to read reversals. A mini-portrait of the cards accompanies channeled messages from each animal, further highlighting the message and associations for each spirit helper. Farmer advises relying on intuition and body signals before consulting the booklet, encouraging readers to access their own wisdom by decoding insights, visions, and feelings.

During my first experience using these cards, I was shuffling them while standing up, looking for a general message. My husband was beside me, and it just so happened that two cards flew out of the deck and onto the ground. Realizing that this is usually sign to pay extra attention, my husband picked them up. Upon seeing the animals, he took one for him, and gave the other to me. It just so happened that the animal that wanted to “speak” to him happened to be one that he has felt an affinity for since childhood, often using it as a subject for various artistic creations. My card spoke directly to an issue that’s been central to my consciousness for several weeks, and specifically echoed wisdom delivered from other oracles and sources!

I’ve used the deck a few times since then, and found the Power Animal Oracle Cards to be accurate. However, some of the animals in the deck, like Whale, don’t seem to match thematically with the book Power Animals – How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide.

This deck is a good supplement to the Power Animals book (although I prefer the book/CD), as well as for general readings using messages from the animal kingdom. However, for deeper animal wisdom from the Celtic tradition, I recommend The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip Carr-Gomm, featuring the exquisite artwork of Will Worthington.

Below are 9 images from this deck:

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