Power Tarot - Trish Macgregor and Phyllis Vega
Let me start off by saying Power Tarot : More Than 100 Spreads That Give Specific Answers to Your Most Important Question provides far more than just Tarot spreads. Admittedly, the promise of 100 spreads was the reason I bought this book in the first place. As I began my journey reading Tarot, I needed spreads to practice my skills--only knowing the common Past/Present/Future spread. There were spreads online, but I wanted a resource in book form.
Suprisingly, out of 288 pages, only 84 pages contain spreads--and they're in the back. The authors show you how to do a Yes/No spread, and which cards represent yes, which cards represent no and those that represent maybe. The rest of the spreads are categorized by the number of cards, spanning from the single "Card a Day" spread to the 24 card Double Horoscope Spread.

Spreads include Birthday Spread, Child Spread, Prosperity Spread, Horoscope Spread (covering all 12 Houses of the Astrological Chart), Chakra Spread (a card for each chakra plus a meditation card), Relationship Spread, Wish Spread, Career Spread, and New Relationship Spread.

My two favorites are the Mirror Spread and the Treasure Chest Spread.

The authors have this to say about the Mirror Spread: "Quite often, the qualities we dislike in another person are qualities in ourselves we aren't crazy about, either. In this way, the Mirror Spread addresses our shadow selves as well as our projections. The fifth position, what is really there, is actually a summation of a relationship's weakness or strengths."

Mirror Spread

Card 1: The image: how you see the other person
Card 2: The reflection: how the other person sees him/herself
Card 3: What the other person represents to you
Card 4: What you represent to the other person
Card 5: What is really there

I love the Treasure Chest Spread because of its imagery and because it's so affirming to the individual.

Treasure Chest Spread

Card 1: Diamonds Where you shine. Major talents, abilities and assets that you have
Card 2: Pearls What you know. Knowledge and information that you have incorporated into your life
Card 3: Gold coins What you have. Money and material possessions currently available to you
Card 4: Emeralds Who you know. Relationships that are now part of your life
Card 5: Platinum Chains What's holding you back. Things or people in your life that you need to release
Card 6: Sapphires Where you could shine. Emerging talents, assets, and abilities.
Card 7: Quartz Crystals What you're learning. Knowledge and information that you could incorporate into your life.
Card 8: Rubies Who you may soon know. Relationships that are entering your life.
Card 9: Unpolished Diamonds Your hidden lights. Assets and talents that you can develop.

Power Tarot was incredibly helpful in learning the meanings and nuances of Tarot cards because the authors take each of the 78 cards of Tarot, and show you what each means for different scenarios. The authors devote a paragraph to each issue, explaining what the card means in a general reading and for questions related to work, romance, finances, health, spirituality, and empowerment. So, if the querent is asking a question about finances, for example, and the Hermit is drawn, you would find the section on the Hermit card, and read the paragraph under Finances to get an idea of what the card means in that context. 

Power Tarot also features brief, general information on the Major and Minor Arcana, the Court Cards, personal loss cards, and the four elements. However, reversed meaings are not addressed.

I recommend this book for those who are curious about Tarot, as well as beginning readers trying to put it all together. The 100+ spreads are a great resource to have on hand, and also provide great ideas for creating your own.

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