Pure Moods III - Various Artists
Pure Moods Volume 3 is one of my favorite New Age CDs, which is such beautiful mix of sublime music from various artists. Suprisingly, the CD both energizes and calms.

Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel has such a satisfying, mellow groove, yet it seems to take the spirit straight to higher plains. It's not only ear candy, but enhances altered states of consciousness.

On Sacred Ground is one of my favorite Yanni songs, and it's on here, too! All I can say is "major goosebumps." It's like being in the Universal Cathedral of Spirit and having God sing to you.

Diva Sarah Brightman adds her smooth soprano voice to the track called Deliver Me. It has a pop groove, but weaved into the background is the etheric keyboards that gives it that flavor that appeals to both the ear and the spirit. When I listen to this song, I feel my heart chakra just blow wide open, receiving the love that the Universe provides in abundance.

Dela Dela by Sacred Spirit starts off with a deep flute reminiscent of a Native American ceremony. Although a pop beat ensues, the song is still undergirded by the strings, which makes it feel orchestral, but very tribal. The tribal aspects is punctuated by what sounds like Native American chanting, but then the female lead takes over once again. It's a song that penetrates, daring you to look away...but you just can't. Then it segues back into the strings, which sucks you right back in to the groove.

The only song I'm not particularly crazy about is Enya's Only If; it's a good song, but so much of Enya's music is overplayed, especially for movie trailers and soundtracks.

This CD contains Christofori's Dream (the 1988 piano masterpiece) as well as songs by Moby, Brian Eno, Enigma, and others, for a total of 16 songs.

Pure Moods 3 is a fine CD for relaxing and meditating--as well as therapeutic healing sessions.

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