Psychic Skills - The "Clairs"
The means by which a diviner discerns and interprets information is often described by words such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairguscience. Interestingly, all of these modes of interpretation mirror the five senses, although the information originates beyond natural seeing, hearing, touching/feeling, tasting, and smelling.

• Clairvoyance – This is perhaps the most well-known form of psychic ability. (Please note, when I use the term “psychic ability”, I’m using the phrase to describe a form of discernment and interpretation of information, and will use the word “intuition” for the same purpose.) The word clairvoyance is from the French language, and means “clear seeing”. Many use this term as a catch word for the ability to see something beyond the five senses. ESP would fall under the realm of clairvoyance, as would the ability to locate lost objects. Clairvoyance arises from the third eye, also known as the Brow Chakra or 6th Chakra, and as such, can be developed by everyone.

• Clairaudience – Clairaudience means “clear hearing”, and indicates the ability to hear messages from the spirit world, including the dead, angels, guides, or God. Channeling and mediumship would fall under clairaudience if the messages were “heard” by an individual, as would hearing sounds relevant to a reading.

• Clairsentience – This form of discernment occurs through the body, often the gut area, and through feelings. When someone speaks of a “gut feeling”, hunch or “vibe”, they are likely using clairsentience.

• Clairguscience – Clairguscience is the ability to taste food without physically eating it, or smell a scent without using an olfactory organ. For example, if someone were to do a reading and smell roses or pipe smoke, this bit of information could be relevant to the question at hand.

• Claircognizance – This is a direct knowing that is akin to having an information download. A person just “knows” something, without knowing how they know it.

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